Roamler Review: Easiest Way To Make Money With Your Smartphone

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If you’re looking for more ways to earn extra cash online, look no further than Roamler.

This is a legit GPT (Get Paid To) platform that will allow you to earn real money by completing simple tasks.

Other great offers will pay you for details such as filling out a survey or watching a video, but quite often many of them have some sort of catch.

Roamler, on the other hand, stands out. It pays you for the work you do and does not require you to purchase anything.

In this honest review, I will talk about how the app works, what it offers, how to join, how much you can make plus its pros and cons.

Quick Review

What makes Roamler shine?

  • Registration is free
  • Earn money in a flexible way
  • Most tasks are easy to complete
  • Get paid instantly via PayPal
  • Fast payment
  • It’s available in many European countries
  • The support team is very helpful

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Detailed Review

What is Roamler?

This is a task-based application where you will get compensated for performing tasks. Typical tasks include mystery shopping and merchandising.

The majority of these tasks may be accomplished while you’re out and about, but some can be done from home.

Roamler UK Limited, a British firm located in Birmingham that has been in operation since 2016, owns the Roamler app.

It is a popular platform for businesses to receive real-time retail insights from people who visit their stores and businesses. Unlike conventional mystery shopping, Roamler’s activities are short and simple to carry out.

How Does Roamler Works?

The Roamler App connects you to mystery shopping, surveys, and other similar earning opportunities.

The majority of the tasks on the app are for big companies, and you’ll occasionally be asked to go to their stores and rate various elements of their customer service. This enables businesses to enhance many aspects of their service offering.

In only a few minutes, you can join Roamler and have their app installed on your Android or iOS phone. Registration, as well as the installation of the app, are both completely free.

You’ll have a few training assignments to carry out as soon as you sign up. You must be informed that you won’t be compensated for carrying out the tasks. Don’t worry, they’re simple tasks.

For the most part, the rules for joining are the same everywhere. In some cases, you may be asked to provide a referral code when you sign up.

This is done to assist maintain a balance between the number of individuals who join and the number of assignments accessible in a given location.

If you’re looking for a GPT site with an easy sign-up process, you may want to check out GPTHub.

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Who Can Join Roamler?

Anyone living in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Turkey, or Chile can use Roamler.

To become a Roamler, you must be at least 18 years old.

To sign up, you must first download and install the app on your mobile device. Then, the first time you use the app, you will have to complete the registration process.

You must enable the app to track your location to see if you are qualified to participate. Then you’ll be asked to provide an invitation code.

Roamler issues invitation tickets directly to app users as a reward for some of the activities they complete and when they achieve a new level.

So the question is, how can you acquire the code if you’re not yet a Roamler member?

Fortunately, Roamler’s members from all across Europe have formed several online forums where they can trade tips and invitation codes. You can thus join any of those communities like a Facebook page and receive an invitation code.

This sort of registration process, in my opinion, might turn off potential members. This is because becoming a Roamler entails greater effort.

On the plus side, this assures that Roamler will only have individuals who are truly committed to being a member since they searched for invitation codes. As a result, there’s a good possibility that they’ll stay active as well.

How Much Can You Possibly Earn On Roamler?

Like every other similar app, how much you can make with Roamler will largely depend on the number of paid offers available to you.

With more paid offers, you’ll be able to make more money. Of course, as you are aware, you must first submit your work for approval by Roamler before you can earn.

As a result, knowing the best techniques for getting your work authorized by Roamler is critical if you want to optimize your earning potential.

One of the paramount things is to always submit photographs that are clear and vibrant if you’re given a mystery shopping task for example.

Anything else is a certain way to get your work rejected. You should also make sure you read and understand the task instructions. Ensure you follow the instruction exactly the way you’re asked.

The last thing you have to do is give honest feedback on what you’re meant to do. Once you’ve become used to these tasks, you’ll have a better chance of making money using this smartphone app.

Overall, Roamler can help you generate a little more money but don’t anticipate much more.

Also, always make sure you carry out the tasks correctly; otherwise, your work will be rejected, and you will have wasted your time.

In general, you should evaluate the amount of time required before determining if it is the appropriate option for you or not – sure, you can earn money, but because you must appear at specific stores, it might take a long time if you do not pick properly.

How Does Roamler Pay Its Members?

Every assignment you perform that Roamler approves earns you money and experience points.

You may withdraw your profits at any moment using PayPal (which is the most convenient option, in my opinion).

However, each withdrawal will include a charge. Roamler will cover the transaction charge if you cash out with more than £20 in your account. Also, a maximum of £50 is what you can withdraw in each transaction.

You will be charged a transaction fee if you cash out an amount less than £20 (2 percent). As a result, keep it in mind while deciding whether or not to collect your earnings.

The experience points you earn will be utilized to level up your account. As your account level rises, you’ll have access to more offers, which means more earning potential.

Roamler does not give gift cards as a payment method to withdraw your rewards. If you’re looking for sites that pay via gift cards, I suggest looking at the best survey sites that pay with gift cards.

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How Can You Make Money On Roamler?

Paid Offers

Paid offer is the only earning opportunity you will get on Roamler.

After you install the app and finish your registration, you will have access to paid tasks. These tasks are simple activities that you can complete in return for a reward.

Most of the available tasks will require you to serve as a mystery shopper or complete surveys.

You might be asked to take a picture of some products. As a result, it’s critical to avoid taking fuzzy photos. This is one of the reasons Roamler may reject your submission.

As said earlier, once you’ve finished the work, you’ll need to submit it and have Roamler review it. You will be rewarded once they have approved your work.

As a result, don’t expect to get rewarded straight away after completing a task.

Regularly completing paid tasks will give you experience points that you may use to level up your account. The higher your account level, the more offers you’ll be able to do.

So, if you want to earn money regularly, you must maintain completing tasks.

Be aware that most tasks have a set amount of time allotted to them. That implies you’ll have to carry out the task as soon as possible before the time elapse.

As a result, only accept an offer when you are available to carry out the tasks involved.


  • Earn money in a flexible way
  • Most tasks are easy to complete
  • Get paid instantly via PayPal
  • Fast payment
  • It’s available in many European countries
  • The support team is very helpful


  • Registration is a bit more complicated
  • Limited earning opportunities

Roamler Alternatives

There are many other platforms like Roamler that lets you take surveys and perform various GPT tasks to make money in your spare time. These sites include:


Can I use my Roamler anywhere?

Yes, you can use the Roamler anywhere you have access to the internet from your phone or tablet.

Is the app for computers or mobile devices?

Roamler is designed to be used on a mobile device, as you might have guessed. You must first download and install the mobile app on your smartphone.

Because the Roamler app is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones, compatibility shouldn’t be an issue for most users.

You must also ensure that your mobile device has an online connection, as signing into the app would necessitate an internet connection.

Roamler, being a mobile app, is, in my opinion, a highly practical alternative for earning because you may earn anywhere and at any time.

What if I have issues using the app?

Roamler’s FAQ area will be your first point of contact for help. The benefit of their FAQ section is that it covers the majority of the crucial and fundamental issues. As a result, reading their FAQ page will most likely teach you a lot about the site.

However, if you need to contact their support team, you may do so using the app. The contact information may be found in the app’s Contact section.

Additionally, you may connect with their support team via their Facebook page.

Why does Roamler need my location?

The location of your phone is not stored in the Roamler database. It is only used for the geocoding system to compute your position when sending a photo or answering a request from one of your surveyors.

Is my data safe on Roamler?

Yes. To provide the best possible customer experience, Roamler takes several precautions to protect your personal data. All personally identifiable information is encrypted using 256-bit encryption and the app connects to our back-end servers over an SSL encrypted connection.

Where can I download the Roamler app?

You can download the Roamler app free from the Apple App Store (iPhones) and the Google Play Store (Android phones).


Overall, Roamler is a lucrative and easy way to put your smartphone to work while you earn yourself a good amount of money.

You have more freedom with the Roamler App, and you may meet new people while working on tasks that have been allocated to you.

Several of the places, such as restaurants, have pleasant surroundings, so you should feel at ease while working. You also get paid a decent sum for each assignment.

Well, don’t expect to have enough tasks that will replace your full-time job, but it’s a fantastic way to supplement your income.

If you want to make more money, I will suggest you join some of the best GPT sites or the best-paid survey panels or check the make money online platform for more ideas.

I hope you enjoyed this Roamler review. Thanks for reading.

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