InstaGC Review: How to Get Instant Gift Cards and Cash

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Do you love taking online surveys and would love to earn from a legitimate online survey website? This InstaGC review will show you how to make money from InstaGC.

InstaGC is a Get-Paid-To website that pays users for completing different tasks such as answering surveys, watching videos, and using the internet.

Unlike other survey websites that require a high balance before cashing out, you can receive gift card payments from InstaGC with as low as a $1 balance.

In this InstaGC review, you will get to know what InstaGC is and how it works. You will also be able to decide if InstaGC is a good way to make money online in your spare time. But before we go into details, let us take a look at a quick overview of the platform.

Quick Review

Here is my quick InstaGC review:

  • Free and easy to join
  • Mobile-friendly platform
  • Low earning potential
  • Withdrawal methods include Digital Gift Card, PayPal, Bitcoin
  • Earn rewards points by completing surveys, watching videos, and shopping from your favorite stores online
  • Low minimum threshold requirement set at $5
  • Get a $1 gift card for signing up
  • Must be 13+ to join
  • Offers a referral system

Detailed Guide

What is InstaGC?

InstaGC (also referred to as instant gift cards) is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) website that rewards users with points for executing tasks that take about 15 minutes or less.

You may be already doing these tasks without getting paid for doing them. InstaGC allows you to make money from these tasks without interfering with your daily tasks.

InstaGC is impressive because you can start requesting digital gift cards with a balance that is as low as $1. You can withdraw your cash rewards when you have a $5 balance.

You can also withdraw your earnings via PayPal once you redeem $50 in both gift card and cash payments.

InstaGC has been providing paid surveys since 2011.

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How to join InstaGC

It is free to sign-up on InstaGC. Once you sign up, you will receive ten free bonus points. These points are worth 10 cents. All you need is to earn 90 cents more and you can redeem points for $1 gift cards.

Most countries around the world are eligible to join InstaGC. The membership is open to adults that are at least 18 years old. Teenagers can also join. However, they must do so with their parent’s permission, and they must be at least 13 years old.

Does InstaGC have a mobile app?

InstaGC does not have a mobile app at the time I published this InstaGC review. However, the website is mobile-responsive. You can easily use your smartphone to carry out the different tasks on the platform.

You should not allow the absence of an app to discourage you from joining the platform. It means you have one less app to download since the website is mobile-friendly.

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How to make money on InstaGC

To start making money, you need to create an account on InstaGC. It is easy to use the platform and you should be through with signing up within a few minutes.

After creating your account, you will find lots of offers that you can start working on.

For every task that you complete, InstaGC will reward you with points. You can later redeem these points for gift cards of your choice, PayPal, or Bitcoins.

The list of offers on InstaGC is regularly updated. Highlighted below are the different ways through which you can make money with InstaGC:

1. Completing surveys

InstaGC sources for surveys from TheoremReach, LiveSample, and Your Surveys. You are free to take as many surveys as you want every day. You will earn points as you complete each survey.

However, there are questions that you will need to answer before taking the surveys. These questions will determine if you are eligible to complete a particular survey. Most of the surveys pay between 2 and 105 points.

2. Testing Apps

Testing apps on InstaGC can earn you some rewards. It is advisable to choose apps that are free to download unless it is stated otherwise.

The amount that you will earn will be determined by the time that is needed to complete the test. This option pays better than completing surveys.

3. Figure-Eight Tasks

This is another easy means of earning points on InstaGC. This option gives you a set of instructions, and you need to complete them before you earn points.

4. Testing Products

Most of the products and services that you will need to test require you to buy them. You can go for this option if you were planning to buy those products or services.

5. Visiting Websites

This is a quick way to earn points on InstaGC. Just visit websites and get rewarded for doing so.

6. Watching Videos

Although this option is the easiest way to earn extra points on InstaGC. However, it will not give you as many points as the other options.

You can earn points for watching a particular number of videos every week. You can also choose from different video providers. Some providers pay better than others. Some of the video providers that pay better include HyprMX, AceWall, and

7. Referral

This is a good way to make money on InstaGC. When you refer your friends to InstaGC, you will earn 10% of whatever they earn on the platform.

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How to get the best from InstaGC

As you can see from this InstaGC review, you can earn on InstaGC in many ways. The points below will help you have a successful experience on InstaGC:

  • Set a goal and work towards achieving it. You can use the goal-setting feature on InstaGC. You can decide if the goal is a certain amount to PayPal or a certain gift card. This will keep you motivated.
  • Make use of InstaGC promo codes to earn free points. You can easily find these codes on InstaGC social media platforms. You can only use these codes after taking a survey, tasks, or earning through other means on InstaGC within the past five days before trying to redeem the code.
  • Follow InstaGC on Facebook or Twitter to find their promo codes. Following InstaGC on their social media platforms will also help you to know about their updates, opportunities, and special offers amongst others.

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  • InstaGC is 100% free to join. It has no upsells.
  • It is available in every country that is supported by PayPal (except China and Vietnam).
  • There are thousands of tasks that you can complete to earn points.
  • InstaGC’s search engine enables you to make money doing what you are fond of.
  • InstaGC has been offering surveys since 2011; this is a long time for a GPT website.
  • You can create your promo codes for others to use. This is a cool way of promoting InstaGC.
  • There are lots of gift cards that you can choose from when you want to redeem your points.


  • In some cases, the customer service can be slow.
  • InstaGC may disqualify you from many surveys that you try.

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What are some alternatives to InstaGC?

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1. How do I join InstaGC?

It is free to join InstaGC. You can join the platform if you are at least 18 years old. Teenagers that are at least 13 years old can also join the platform with parental permission.

To join, simply go to and click the sign-up button. After clicking the button, you can either fill in your information or sign up with Facebook, Google, or Twitter.

Apart from being free to join, InstaGC also rewards you with 10 points for joining the platform.

2. How can I make money on InstaGC?

InstaGC rewards you for completing different tasks online. These tasks include the following:

  • Completing surveys
  • Watching videos
  • Testing apps
  • Visiting websites
  • Testing products
  • Shopping

3. How will InstaGC pay me?

InstaGC pays instantly (just like their website address denotes). However, they make use of a point system (just like Swagbucks). You can redeem your points for instant digital gift cards and cash.

They offer gift cards for stores like Amazon, Walmart, and Apple amongst others. There are other options (like PayPal and Bitcoin) that you can choose from if you do not like the gift card option.

4. What is the minimum cashout?

You can start requesting digital gift cards with a balance that is as low as $1. Cash rewards can be withdrawn when you have a $5 balance. You can also withdraw your earnings via PayPal once you redeem $50 in both gift card and cash payments.

5. How much can I earn with InstaGC?

You can make a good amount on InstaGC if you invest a lot of effort. If you make use of all the features that InstaGC offers and you use the platform regularly, you can easily earn hundreds of dollars every year.

This shows that InstaGC cannot make you rich; it is just an avenue for you to get paid for doing what you love doing.

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Final Verdict

Is InstaGC Legitimate or a Scam?

Judging from the findings in this InstaGC review and from what I’ve researched, I believe InstaGC is legit. You can try it out if you love working on survey sites.

If you are looking for opportunities to replace your main source of income or pay your mortgage and you are not ready to refer lots of people, then InstaGC is not for you. You should stick to a business or a job.

If you want to make money for doing things that you have been doing and you’re not getting paid for, then InstaGC is perfect for you. The platform helps you to make some nice extra money while doing what you love.

So, what do you think about InstaGC? Is this an opportunity you would like to try out?

I hope you find this InstaGC review helpful. If you need other alternatives to InstaGC, you can check out Swagbucks, Ebates, and InboxDollars.

Check out the best GPT platforms to find more ways to make money online with GPT sites. Alternatively, check out how you can make money online via other methods.

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