Cointiply Review: Legit or Scam? (All You Need To Know)

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Have you ever found something that you never knew you needed but now you can’t live without? Reading this Cointiply review would be a fantastic idea if you want to earn more and more bitcoins. 

This bitcoin faucet is among the oldest online and still paying people. It is one of the reliable ones, thus being one of the highest-paid faucets around.

Cointiply is an awesome website with website games and offers which they then give rewards in the form of a cryptocurrency called Bitcoin. 

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Cointiply Quick Review

What makes Cointiply so unique?

  • Free to sign up and start earning
  • They make no ridiculous earning claims
  • The site is clean and well made
  • Fast payment
  • Mobile app
  • Available on iOS and Android
  • Over 1000 reviews
  • 13 years or older can join
  • Worldwide
  • Works on any operating system with a browser
  • Unlimited loyalty bonus

Detailed Review

What is Cointiply?

Cointiply is a website where people can earn Bitcoin for doing many things online, such as answering questions, watching videos, completing offers, playing games, and much more. 

Cointiply is a bitcoin faucet where you can get free bitcoins by completing surveys. They reward all their members for their time and effort.

Cointiply is more than a Bitcoin faucet. They also offer various other features that allow you to earn free Bitcoin.

Cointiply is one of the fairest and rewarding Bitcoin faucets out there. They offer quick and easy ways to earn Bitcoins every day–no strings attached.

People spend between 2-10 minutes online every day using Cointiply. The average user earns around $2-$15 per day in Bitcoin.

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What makes Cointiply Unique?

Cointiply is an online community that connects people who love cryptocurrencies with brands and businesses seeking to advertise in a new, unique way. 

There is currently no other cryptocurrency-based advertising platform fully developed and active in the market.

This website is your gateway to a lifetime of income. At Cointiply, they understand that every single one of their users deserves to be treated fairly. 

That is why they strive to make their website as fair as possible, giving you the ability to earn more by playing a certain game. 

Cointiply is decentralized and completely transparent. Payouts are made without delays, and there is no discrimination towards any member or affiliates.

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How to use Cointiply to earn money?

There are several ways you can use Cointiply to earn money that comprises of watching videos, paid surveys, paid offers, chats, and the likes. I have listed them in this Cointiply review:

Paid surveys

The Cointiply website is one of the best places to find paid surveys. Many users have made a lot of money accumulating cryptocurrencies online with Cointiply.

In Cointiply, you can find and complete paid surveys from the leading companies. All you have to do is fill out a survey but the amount for it will vary depending on your relevance and quality of answers.

Paid offers

Paid offers are the easiest, and generally, the most profitable way to earn money with Cointiply. 

They’re basically mini-tasks you can complete in exchange for Bitcoins. 

There’s a wide range of different types of paid offers – everything from following their Twitter feed, to taking surveys and testing out new websites and apps.

Chat bonus

Cointiply is a platform for earning cryptocurrency rewards by chatting and completing simple tasks. 

They have set up a system where users are able to earn bitcoin by simply chatting with others, reading articles, and participating in other simple tasks.

Bitcoin faucet

The internet is littered with Bitcoin faucets that every day just need your time. They make you roll the dice over and over again in the hopes of winning a few Satoshis (0.00000001 BTC). Cointiply thinks you deserve better than this.

Cointiply has recently launched a new faucet that gives visitors the chance to receive a tiny amount of Bitcoin for free. 

Just enter your bitcoin address and start playing. All you need to do is roll a number. The number you roll will depend on the number of bitcoin you will get.

Paid videos

Cointiply is one of the most trusted websites where you can earn free bitcoin. It is a legit website that allows users to earn bitcoins by watching crypto-specific YouTube videos and completing surveys on cryptos. 

The best part of this website is that they also offer paid videos. These paid videos allow users to earn more bitcoins instead of just watching free videos and completing surveys. 

The concept of Cointiply is easy, just watch a video and get paid for it in bitcoin.


The Cointiply platform offers a unique way to earn bitcoins through their unique PTC(paid to click) ads. 

PTC ads are very similar to the common style of Google Adwords, except they pay in bitcoins. 


This task is more like gambling, so it is risky. When you play at Cointiply, your multiplier wins will be multiplied by 61.3x and you’ll earn more than double your total stake.

You start by depositing at least 10 coins then you will need to predict between circles that have red and grey gems.

Play games

Join Cointiply and play free games, get coins, level up, and redeem for Bitcoin. They offer you coins to play their wide range of addicting games and earn points called coins. 

Use the coins on anything in the game: Stamps, referrals, purchases in-game credits, or even get bitcoins out of your balance.


Create your own referral link and invite your friends to click on it and start earning real money. They will give you 25% of all their earnings for life.

Your referral link is printed on your dashboard when you log in to Cointiply.

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Cointiply loyalty bonus

The Cointiply loyalty bonus is a way for users to keep active on Cointiply, and encourage them to spend their earned points. 

The more a user actively uses the platform, the more his or her loyalty bonus will increase. 

Cointiply promo codes

Earn bitcoin by playing games and solving Captchas. No investment is required, just use Cointiply promo codes to earn real money easily. 

Promotion codes provide stronger payouts per claim and you can win up to 0.1 BTC every hour. 

How much can you make with Cointiply?

You can make over $25,000 a year by using Cointiply, just like the other 1 million members. 

To make that much you need to earn 0.10 cents per day or 70 cents per week. You can do that by visiting the faucets and taking part in the other tasks provided.

Cointiply allows its users to earn a percentage from the total ad revenue generated by their referral link clicks. 

In addition, you can also receive a percentage from the ad revenue generated by your downline members.

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How to redeem points with Cointiply

There are some methods to redeem your points with Cointiply, and we will go through each one:

Bitcoin wallet

Send Bitcoins to any Bitcoin address anywhere in the world. The Bitcoins are sent within minutes and because there is no account needed. 

You have the ability to remain anonymous. If you have a mobile Bitcoin wallet, just scan a QR code to transfer your coins.

DOGE wallet

Cointiply allows you to convert your reward points into DOGE in 6-48 hours. Transfers take several minutes, so be patient and don’t hit refresh over and over. 

How Cointiply works

Sign up

Signing up is quick and easy, and you’ll be on your way to earning free bitcoins. At Cointiply, they offer a wide variety of ways to earn free bitcoins, from viewing ads online to playing games. There are lots of ways to get started, so join today.

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Complete tasks

Complete simple tasks like visiting a website or watching a video to earn free bitcoins. The more tasks you complete, the more free bitcoins you earn. No purchase is necessary.

Complete short surveys, watch videos, or visit their sponsors daily to earn bitcoin. 

The money will come rolling in.

Cash-out your coins for crypto

Cash-out your coins for crypto. Request payout via Bitcoin with their easy-to-use app. Track your payout status and see your growing portfolio.

Now let’s talk about pros and cons:


1. Lots of available work

The company has lots of available work which means that you will have multiple tasks to work on and multiple ways to earn money.

Experienced workers get more work because they’ve proven themselves and have become trusted members of the community. 

There are lots of surveys posted, however, occasionally they do run out so sometimes you need to be prepared for that situation.

2. Low payout threshold

The payout threshold of Cointiply is extremely low. This means these guys will pay you as soon as you reach the minimum payout amount set by them. 

This is definitely one of the top reasons why people are flocking to Cointiply for ad campaigns.

3. Helpful support

The support team from Cointiply is very helpful and will usually respond to you in 24 hours.  They also monitor each of the campaigns for their users so they can make any changes when they earn a lot or little.

4. Unlimited loyalty bonus

Coins are awarded on a loyalty bonus basis. Users receive an increasing number of coins for every consecutive day that they play. The longer users stay active, the more they earn loyalty bonuses.

5. Anyone can join Cointiply globally

Anyone can join Cointply anywhere in the world as long as you have a stable internet connection. They don’t have any barrier to joining them and they want anyone to be part of them and enjoy the benefits.

6. Convenient payment method

Cointiply is the best destination for limited-time daily payouts where users can earn BTC by participating in their gamified microtasks. 

They have created a platform with a simple user experience, allowing all members to earn BTC in just a few clicks and enjoy the process.

You can cash out anytime, with no minimum withdrawal. The payment method is extremely convenient for people who only have a few minutes to spare each day.

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7. Various ways to earn coins

Earn coins while doing almost anything you do online. Earn coins for playing games, watch videos (YouTube, Facebook, etc), complete surveys and offers, even get tipped by fellow Cointiplyers in chat. 

When you aren’t earning, make sure you follow the many strategies they have put together to maximize your earnings.

8. Free to join

Being part of the Cointiply community is free. What’s the catch? No catch. 

There are no hidden fees, no upcharges, and you won’t be charged anything to use your bitcoins. You can convert as much or as little as you like — it’s completely free.


1. Low earning potential

Although Cointiply is one of the biggest faucets, this site will not earn you much. But if you are looking to get small coins, then it is for you.

Sometimes it can take longer to reach the withdrawal threshold.

2. Clunky mobile app

Cointiply’s mobile app is not user-friendly and very clunky. Users have to scroll through a bunch of options before they can actually get to the survey offers. There are pop-up ads when users enter the app too. 

Moreover, it’s difficult to perform simple tasks on the app, like logging in or using the “Help” feature.

3. Inconsistent support speed

The Cointiply users who had contacted their support team reported that the time taken for a reply was inconsistent. They are either quick at replying or extremely late. 

In some cases, it took days and weeks for them to respond back. It is hard to get in touch with a real person as they do not have any direct phone numbers. 

This is odd because usually, companies would especially give support phone numbers in such cases.

4. Cannot get your earnings in cash

Cointiply is an innovative and convenient way to earn bitcoin. Unlike other sites that payout their rewards in cash, Cointiply allows you to trade your earnings for bitcoin and store them where they will grow.

5. PTC ads are not frequent

First of all, PTC sites are called “Paid to Click” but in fact, you will work a lot on this site. You have to do a lot of clicks per day to collect bigger payments. It is not so easy to reach the payment threshold.

6. Cointiply mining game no longer available

Official participation in the Cointiply mining game is closed. The game stopped working correctly back in September when they ran out of the original funds they had set aside for it, and unfortunately, there are no plans to restore its functionality.

7. Pop-ups can be annoying

These ads will pop up on your screen when you least expect them, and this can cause you to click on a link out of pure annoyance instead of interest in the ad. 

Pop-ups can also be an annoyance because they cover part of the screen that you may want to see. 

For example, if you are trying to read a news article or watch a video from your favorite site, an AD can be annoying.

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How to get started on Cointiply

Step 1: Go to

Ever wondered how to join Cointiply? It’s easy! Go to, then click on JOIN NOW.

Sign up & begin earning money for each task completed.

Step 2: Enter your first name and a secure password

Get started on Cointiply and they will walk you through the steps. You can either enter your first name and secure password or log in if you’re already a member. 

Either way, they want to make it easy and fun for you to earn FREE Bitcoins!

Step 3: Start earning

Let your computer become a source of income for you. By completing simple tasks like downloading apps, watching videos, installing software, and taking surveys you can earn attractive prizes. 

Your prize is credited to your account every day. Cointiply pays out rewards into your bitcoin account every 10 minutes on average.

Cointiply payment proof

There are many payment proofs on Beermoney Forum as well. With Beermoney Forum, you get all the payment details about Cointiply that you need.

Alternatives to Cointiply


Can you use Cointiply on mobile?

Yes, you can use Cointiply on a mobile device, however, it is not designed for smaller screens. 

In order to see all of the content on the site and for it to be easy to navigate Cointiply recommends viewing Cointiply on a laptop or desktop computer.

Who can join Cointiply?

Anyone can join and win bitcoin from Cointiply. You must be at least 18 years of age, or older to receive bitcoin. We do not accept members under the age of 18.

Does Cointiply really work?

Yes, Cointiply does actually work and it provides you with the ability to earn some bitcoins each time you use the site. 

The difference between Cointiply, or any of the other faucets is that we are far easier to use and much faster.

How do I cancel my Cointiply account?

To cancel your Cointiply account, click the button titled ‘My Account’. Then in the settings tab, find the option to delete your account. 

Be sure that you have withdrawn all of your funds before deleting your Cointiply account. There is no fee for canceling your account; however, if there is more than 0.001 bitcoin in your account that you do not withdraw, they will be unable to process your request.

How do you level up in Cointiply?

Cointiply has a unique level system where you are rewarded when you perform certain actions. These actions can be leveling up your referrals. 

The more people you bring to Cointiply, the faster you will level up and earn more features and benefits of being a higher-level member.

Is Cointiply trusted?

Yes, you can trust Cointiply. 

Cointiply is one of the most trusted Bitcoin faucets. It is a free system that gives you small tasks to do, in exchange for Satoshis (smallest unit of Bitcoins).


For me, I would recommend Cointiply any day any time. This is one of the best sites around when you want to get paid in crypto. 

Their earnings are great and they have proven that they are a legitimate site. You can earn with Cointiply via different methods, and you can join from other countries.

If you have been searching for a way to get free Bitcoin, Cointiply is your best plug!

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