Sweatcoin Review: Can You Really Make Money Online Just for Walking?

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Are you looking for a fitness app that pays you just for walking? If your answer is yes, then you are welcome to my Sweatcoin review.

When it comes to fitness, most of us want to feel better and look better. The problem is, that with all the noise out there it’s difficult to find a quality app or service that really works. Fortunately, there is a company compensating you for your movement. It’s called Sweatcoin.

Being active and fit is something a lot of people desire. But actually doing something about it is the hard part for most. If you’re looking for ways to stay active and motivated, Sweatcoin can be a great way to do so.

Sweatcoin is a physical activity reward system. Users can log the number of steps they take throughout the day, to earn ‘Sweatcoins’.

Sweatcoin is a completely free phone app that pays you real cash for simply walking. Yes, it’s true! Just by walking around your neighborhood.

However, if you want this app, all you need to do is download the app and start.

Astounding right? Why not delve into my Sweatcoin review for more details about this app.

Quick Review

  • Legit      
  • Anyone 13 years or older with a smartphone
  • Earn money via walking and referrals
  • Payments via PayPal, gift cards, physical products, digital products, product discounts, charity donations, vacations
  • No minimum payout
  • Payment speed is 1-2 business days

Detailed Overview

What is Sweatcoin?

Sweatcoin is a cryptocurrency that aims to motivate people to be more active by rewarding them for the number of steps they take in a day.

It encourages people to walk more, run, or cycle as they will be able to use Sweatcoins to purchase items at discounted prices or even directly from branded partners.

Sweatcoin taps into the power of smartphones and wearable devices to give people a financial reward for their fitness. The app’s creators claim that the app makes users 20% more active every day.

Once sufficient coins are accumulated, you can buy goods, services, and experiences through the Sweatcoin website.

How does Sweatcoin work?

Install Sweatcoin app

Simply download the free Sweatcoin app to your smartphone, connect it to your headphones, and start working out anytime. The app will track your workouts, reward you for the number of steps taken, and exchange it for real money when you reach incremental rewards levels (different for each level).

There are no limits on the amount you can earn and they can be cashed out immediately.

Start walking or running

With the Sweatcoin app on your smartphone, just start walking or running. To collect points, you need to be physically active daily. Once you stop, the points are automatically converted to a virtual currency called “sweatcoins”, giving you access to a whole world of benefits and discounts.

For every 1,000 steps that you take outside, the app will count your steps and reward you with 0.95 SWC coins.

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Exchange SWC for in-app rewards

Simply use the app to earn Sweatcoin, then redeem them when you’ve earned enough for a monthly subscription to your choice of apps. You can also use them to purchase healthy food and other health rewards. 

Exchanging Sweatcoin for in-app rewards gives you a chance to walk away with valuable prizes like movie tickets or Amazon gift cards.

How can you earn with Sweatcoin?

There are different ways you can earn with Sweatcoin:

Make money for walking

Sweatcoin is a new kind of money that you earn by walking. Millions of people around the world are already earning their first $sweatcoins on the app, which means your spare steps can go on to make you some money. You can save up to give yourself a cash reward, or donate to charity.

Simply wearing your tracker all day, every day, walking to work, hitting the treadmill at the gym, or a run in the park. The more you walk the more you earn – it’s that simple.

A paid subscription is required if you want to earn more. Sweatcoin offers you four membership levels and they are:

  • Mover- Free
  • Shaker- 4.75 SWC/month for 5SWC
  • Quaker- 20 SWC/month for 10 SWC
  • Breaker- 30 SWC/month for 15 SWC
  • Trouble Maker- $0.99 50 SWC

Earn daily rewards

Earn daily rewards with Sweatcoin. You can start by watching videos through the app. Just go to the marketplace screen on the app and try your luck. You can win from 0-1000 worth of Sweatcoins.

Sweatcoin is designed to offer an instant impact. Earning rewards can be done in just a few days. Join today and get rewarded with gift cards while you work out.

Invite friends

You can get 50 Sweatcoins per person you invite to the app who completes a challenge. You can also earn extra Sweatcoins for completing challenges yourself.

As your Sweatcoins accumulate, you can exchange them for rewarding benefits. 

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Turn off your battery saver

Turn your battery saver off on your phone so that the app can run in the background and make sure your location services are turned on.

From the Sweat app, you will be prompted to turn off your battery saver so the app can confirm that you are exercising. And it’ll keep right on asking you to do this until you enable the power-hungry feature.

Turn your GPS on high accuracy

Sweatcoin uses your smartphone’s GPS to recognize when and where you’re exercising and rewards you. Receive points for your geographic activity, steps, distance, duration and calories burned. 

For example, as of today, you would earn 0.0004 SWC for 1000 meters walked, 0.0012 SWC for 250 steps and 81 calories burned and 1.0 SWC for 30 minutes running.

Upgrade your account

Upgrade your account to earn more Sweatcoins by completing surveys, watching videos, and shopping online. Once your account is upgraded you’ll also be able to claim Sweatcoin more often when you’re out and about.

Where is Sweatcoin available? Who can participate?

At first, Sweatcoin was available in the United States and the United Kingdom. They now have a wider geographical reach and are available in a number of different countries, including the US, UK, Canada, and Europe.

The platform is also available in Middle Eastern countries like United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Brunei.

Other countries include South Africa, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

Now let’s talk about the pros and cons of this Sweatcoin review:


1. The Sweatcoin app is easy to get started with and use

The Sweatcoin rewards system has been designed to entice users into staying active and healthy by providing them with a monetary incentive for gaining healthier lifestyles. 

This, combined with the choice of how to redeem these units, makes the Sweatcoin app easy to get started with and use.

2. Lots of rewards

If you want to get fit and earn rewards at the exact same time, Sweatcoin is a great choice. The app gives you plenty of opportunities to earn coins through a variety of methods, not just exercise. 

You can use the app to do tasks around the house and you can earn coins by referring people to it. With lots of ways to earn coins, you can start racking up points pretty quickly.

3. Motivates you to exercise

Whether you want to burn some calories on a run, sweat at the gym, or just go for a walk in the park, every step you take becomes an electronic reward.

You can exchange them for money–or use them to pay for your fitness activities.


1. Low earnings 

After a handful of weeks of using Sweatcoin, I have found myself with little to no earnings. Sure, some days are great and I am earning enough for a bottle of water (30 sweatcoins), but other days I find myself with only 2 or 3 coins. 

This inconsistency can make it hard to consistently redeem my sweatcoins for the items in the catalog.

2. Sometimes Sweatcoin won’t count your steps properly

Sweatcoin won’t always recognize your steps correctly. I found that often it will not count some of the steps because my phone screen is off or I’m not walking in a straight line. 

There have been times where Sweatcoin will freeze and stay frozen for minutes at a time, which is aggravating since you’re trying to keep track of how many steps you’ve taken.

3. Good rewards take a long time to reach

You could easily do workouts that would earn you a reward but after several months, you’d still have to earn more coins to get the reward you’re after.

The length of time it takes to accumulate enough Sweatcoin to purchase a reward makes this app far less attractive than others in its category and could make it hard for people to keep at it.

4. Takes a 5% commission on SWCs earned

Sweatcoin will take a 5% commission from the SWCs you earn. Waiting for you to make enough to cover this cost will be difficult if you are serious about making money on your Sweatcoin app and the number of coins that you need to get paid from them is too low to justify it.

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Is Sweatcoin Legit?

Yes, Sweatcoin is legit. It’s a free app that pays you for engaging in healthy activities such as walking, jogging, cycling, or even hiking.

Is the Sweatcoin app safe to use?

The Sweatcoin app is safe and secure. Sweatcoin uses advanced protection technologies and follows strict security procedures to protect your information. It also ensures that any data stored is anonymized, meaning it can’t be linked back to you or your personal details in any way.

Does Sweatcoin work when your phone is off?

No. Your phone needs to stay on and connected to the internet for SweatCoin to work.

Does Sweatcoin work when the app is closed?

When running, the app needs to be open for your steps counted and your coins earned. Once you’re out of the app, or the app is “paused”, your activity won’t be tracked. 

Is Sweatcoin free?

SweatCoin is free to download, and the app is available on all platforms.

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Final Thoughts

I’ve never been a fan of exercising. However, you agree with me that this app has the potential to motivate people to exercise even if they are not very active.

The best part is that this app lets you earn cash. In general, Sweatcoin is a great idea for your health and your wallet, so make sure you check it out now.

Well, we have come to the end of this Sweatcoin review. I’m always on the lookout for easy ways to make some extra income, so when I heard about Sweatcoin I was immediately intrigued.

However, the basic premise of the app is pretty simple: you use your phone’s GPS and burn calories doing real-life activities to earn ‘Sweatcoins’.

So, I recommend you make Sweatcoin your preferred fitness app. Make sure you check it out if you haven’t already.

Overall, Sweatcoin is worth the try.

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