Points2Shop Review: Is This Get-Paid-To Website Right For You?

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Welcome to my Points2Shop review.

Want to find out how you can make money online by doing simple stuff like completing surveys and watching videos? This Points2Shop review will show you how.

In this guide, we will find out if Points2Shop is better than the other survey websites or if it’s a scam that you should stay away from.

Survey websites are now popular because people are looking for easy ways to make money online. The main drawback to this type of online task is that it doesn’t pay much. So, it’s only good if you want to make some extra cash in your spare time.

If you are still interested in finding out how Points2Shop works, this review will reveal all the things you need to know about the site.

Quick Review

Let’s take a look at a quick Points2Shop review:

Detailed Guide

What is Points2Shop?

Points2Shop is a Get-Paid-To (GPT) website that you can use to complete many tasks for points. The site was launched by P2Sample LLC in 2007. It is one of the oldest GPT platforms that has proven to be legit.

As a member of Points2Shop, you can earn points by taking surveys, playing games, watching videos, and lots more. You can then trade your points for PayPal and gift cards once you have reached the minimum threshold.

Points2Shop is available throughout the world but only those living in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada have access to more opportunities. This is because more advertisers and market research companies are available in those countries.


The registration process is straightforward. All you need to do is to provide your email address, username, and also choose a password.

You can also sign up with your Facebook account. However, I don’t like this approach because you may encounter some problems when you want to withdraw your earnings.

You will receive an email from Points2Shop with a link for activating your email. Click on the link so that you can confirm your email.

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How Points2Shop Works

1. Surveys

This section has lots of survey routers that you can use to share your opinions and earn points in return. All you need to do is to choose a survey provider and answer qualification questions.

The issue with surveys is that you will be disqualified or directed to another survey if your profile doesn’t match the survey you choose.

There is a high chance that you will waste lots of time trying to find a survey that you qualify for. However, there are no shortcuts; you need to go through this process.

To save time you need to read all the questions carefully and provide honest answers, even if you believe you will be disqualified. You can earn between $0.50 and $1.50 per survey.

2. Offers and videos

In this section, you will come across varieties of offer walls that are operated by OfferToro, TrialPay, AdgateMedia, and lots more. Each of these platforms provides unique offers that you can complete and earn points.

You can earn between a few cents and $5 per offer (depending on the offer). Some offers may ask you to sign up while others may request your credit card and contact information.

Also, some offers that are advertised by online casinos may require a deposit.

Pay attention to those offers that do not ask for your credit card or deposits. Although most free offers will not pay much, you can be assured that you will not lose money in case Points2Shop deletes your account.

Also, you don’t want to keep spending money on services you don’t need all because you do not remember to cancel your subscription. If you want to cancel your subscription, don’t do so immediately after completing the offer so as not to forfeit your points.

Furthermore, note that you should not complete the same offer that you found on other reward platforms. If you do so, you may end up wasting your time because you will not be paid twice for the offer.

On some offer walls, you can earn points for watching videos. Hideout.tv is the most popular platform that offers this type of offer.

3. Downloading apps

This used to be a way through which you can earn points on Points2Shop. It involved downloading and using the Points2Shop mobile app on your smartphone.

To earn points in this category, all you needed to do was to use the Points2Shop and not the website. Most of the offers on the app would ask you to install and play sponsored games until you attain a particular level.

However, ever since the big update, this option no longer exists since there is no mobile app.

4. Weekly lottery and sweepstakes

Depending on the number of points you have, you can participate in the weekly sweepstakes where you can earn more points and rewards. Your chance of winning increases with the number of points you earn.

5. Games

Points2Shop allows users to play games and bet their points on completion. If you are adept at playing games, you can use this opportunity to earn a good number of points.

How To Get Paid

The next section in this Points2Shop review is to consider how you can withdraw your earnings from the site.

Whenever you complete a survey on Points2Shop, you will earn cash that you will see in your account. You will also see what you will earn before you embark on completing any offer.

The cash you earn can be withdrawn via PayPal when you have earned at least $15.

You can also redeem your earnings through gift cards. If you’re using gift cards, the exact reward and minimum threshold will be determined by your country of residence.

Since the update on the platform, lots of things have changed. It used to be a platform where you can earn points that you can use to shop, but that’s no longer the case.

However, the reward options are also good and the platform provides a great way to get paid in cash.

Multi-Level Recruiting

This is a great way to make money on Points2Shop. Most reward sites have referral programs that allow their members to make money from referring people to their platforms.

On these sites, you will be given a unique link that you can share with others. When people sign up to the websites through your link, you will earn a small commission on anything they do on the site.

However, with Points2Shop, you will earn commissions on your referrals, your referrals’ referrals, up to 3 levels below yourself.

This would have been a big red flag had it been there was a paid membership level there. It would have looked like a pyramid scheme.

But since there are no paid membership levels, you have nothing to worry about.

Here’s how multi-level recruiting works:

  • You will earn $1 when someone in the 3 levels below you signs up and completes their first offer.
  • Points2Shop will pay you 15% commissions on anything your referrals do.
  • Your level 2 recruits will earn you 3%
  • You will earn 2% on your level 3 recruits.

How Much Can You Make on Points2Shop?

The amount you can make on Points2Shop depends on where you live (since different countries have access to different opportunities) and the time you are willing to spend on the site.

Generally, you will be able to make some additional money on the site but the site cannot make you rich and cannot replace your full-time income.

When compared to most of the GPT sites on the internet, Points2Shop takes a little bit longer to make money since its earning opportunities are less than those of its competitors.

However, the site is easy and simple to use; so you don’t need to spend lots of time figuring out how to use it.


  • The minimum threshold is $5
  • You can get paid through gift cards, check, and PayPal.
  • It has a chat feature that allows you to interact with other members of the platform and seek advice.
  • The site has lots of earning opportunities, especially for those living in the United States, United Kingdom, or Canada.


  • It is hard to qualify for surveys on Points2Shop.
  • The site is known for blocking users’ accounts.
  • You may not receive your points after completing offers.
  • The site will ask for your proof of identity and residence before receiving your payment.


What is Points2Shop?

Points2Shop is a website where people can earn rewards that they can exchange for gift cards, books, electronics, jewelry, clothes, and lots more.

It is one of the older GPT sites that has been around for over 12 years.

How many members does Points2Shop have?

According to information gathered from Points2Shop, the site has over 10 million members. I am not sure if all of them are still active or if that’s the total number of people that have signed up ever since it was launched over 12 years ago.

How can you make money on Points2Shop?

Points2Shop does not give cash like other GPT sites. You earn points and then exchange the points for gift cards. Members can earn points for completing simple tasks and taking surveys on the site.

What can I do to earn points on Points2Shop?

This is completely up to you. As stated earlier, there are different things you can do to earn points; offers, surveys, referrals, and games amongst others. Simply find what you are good at and leverage it.

For instance, if you have a successful blog or website, you can use it to convince your member to join Points2Shop via your link and earn points for referring people. If you are good at playing games, you can play games on Points2Shop and earn points.

Offers and surveys are available for all members. Although they may take more time and maybe challenging to complete (in some cases), they are worth it.

Is Points2Shop a scam?

No, Points2Shop is not a scam. The website has been around for some time and they’d be gone by now if it was a scam. Although selling your data to third parties is a red flag, that is how most survey panels make money today since research companies diverted their budget to social media surveys.

It is safe to sign up with the platform. The worst they can do is to keep sending you email offers. If you want to exercise caution, you can use a different email that is meant for registering survey sites.

It is advisable to use a unique email for each survey panel so that you will be able to separate them from the emails and passwords that you use for your online bank accounts.

How do I join?

It is straightforward to sign up on Points2Shop. You can sign up with either your email or Facebook.

Can you use Points2Shop on your mobile?

Points2Shop used to have its own app. However, ever since the big update, you can no longer use the app.

You can still use Points2Shop on your mobile phone and you will also receive survey invitations through your email. So, you can easily click the invitation links in the email to have access to the survey.

Which countries can sign up and participate on Points2Shop?

Points2Shop is available worldwide but residents of the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada will have access to more survey opportunities.

Your location will determine the type and number of surveys that you will have access to.

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Points2Shop Review Final Verdict: Is Points2Shop Legit?

As you can deduce from this Points2Shop review, the site is legit. It has a record of paying members and does not require any form of subscription before you can use it.

Just like other GPT websites, Points2Shop is meant for people that are interested in making money online by completing offers and taking surveys.

Although the platform looks legit, many people complain that their accounts were flagged for no specific reason. As a result, you need to exercise some caution if you’re planning to register on Points2Shop.

Our PrizeRebel review will also show you how you can make money from completing simple tasks online. If you want to have access to more alternatives to Points2Shop, check out the best GPT sites available on the internet today.