FusionCash Review – All You Need To Know Before You Sign Up

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If you’re looking for comprehensive information about FusionCash before you join the site, then this complete FusionCash review is for you.

There are numerous ways to make money online, and FusionCash is one of them. The site advertises itself as a GPT (get paid to) type – community, but also offers other ways to earn free money online and make extra cash.

In this in-depth FusionCash review, I will talk about how it works, what it offers, how to join, and how much you can make. You will also find out the pros and cons of the platform.

Quick FusionCash Review

What makes FusionCash shine?

  • Easy to use
  • Free to join
  • Offers good payout options
  • Gives a $5 joining bonus
  • Sends multiple surveys a day
  • Is a legit, paying company
  • A variety of ways to make money

Detailed FusionCash Review

What Is FusionCash?

FusionCash is a Get-To-Paid (GPT) website that offers a variety of methods to make money. FusionCash is paid by marketers to persuade its members to sign up for offers. This commission is split between you and FusionCash.

This results in a win-win situation. Advertisers don’t have to spend millions of dollars on expensive ads, you get to test new products and services, and you get paid. As a result, this is a fantastic side hustle.

Since its inception in 2005, the platform has grown to include members from different angles of the world. FusionCash has given out approximately $3 million to its users thus far.

Many favorable remarks laud the simplicity of use and the opportunities to earn money on the side.

How Does FusionCash Work?

FusionCash is user-friendly. You can go through the site’s activities and finish those that interest you. This might be anything as easy as viewing a video or something more active like engaging in surveys or product testing.

This gives businesses access to your opinion or feedback, allowing them to better adapt new products and services to their target market.

Who Can Join FusionCash?

Signing up on the platform is simple and takes only a few minutes. To join, you must meet several conditions, which include residing in the US or Canada, and must be at least 18 years old.

To sign up, you’ll be asked your name, address, Zip code, and email. After that, you’ll need to confirm your email address. You can now complete your profile information and select your chosen payout method.

Once you’re done with your profile, you’ll be prompted to complete your first survey. FusionCash gives you a $5 sign-up as soon as you complete your first survey.

How Much Can You Possibly Earn On FusionCash?

Truthfully, it’s hard to give a precise answer. It’s all about how much effort you put in. You will need to be prepared to complete multiple quick tasks, as many of them pay very little.

While it is feasible to supplement your income on the side, you should not do so if your aim is to make it a full-time job.

Overall, I believe it is a good idea to utilize FusionCash in addition to other GPT sites if you want to make some additional money. It has some good features, but you’ll get more out of it and have more alternatives if you also join other GPT sites.

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How Does FusionCash Pay Its Members?

FusionCash provides some fairly decent payout choices as you may get paid in cash through PayPal, cheque, or get paid through direct deposit. The specific payment options offered do, however, depend on the country you reside.

The payment threshold is $25, so you can’t request payment until you’ve earned a minimum of 25 bucks.

Compared to some other survey sites like SurveyLion, the payment threshold is quite high. Also, bear in mind that you will need to verify your phone number when requesting payment the first time. This is a security step FusionCash uses to prevent fraud.

This is not an issue and will not take long if you have done everything honestly. All you have to do is fill in your phone number, wait for a code to be sent to your phone through SMS or voice call, and then enter it on the website.

However, the circumstances make it a lengthy procedure. After you request a payment, it will be handled on the 20th of the following month.

Compared to most other sites, this makes it quite slow. You can often get paid within hours after requesting payments from the fastest paying survey sites like PrizeRebel.

It is not necessarily a problem that it takes longer; you simply need to be aware that getting your money requires a little more patience.

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How Can You Make Money On FusionCash?

1. Surveys

FusionCash, like most other GPT sites, provides paid surveys, which are a wonderful way to make money while also having your voice heard. FusionCash provides a variety of survey choices. You can participate in FusionCash surveys, which are conducted directly through FusionCash.

You may also locate surveys through third-party providers, which means you will be directed to a separate site to complete the survey but will get paid into your FusionCash account.

The rewards for participating in a survey on FusionCash are quite decent but not as high as other sites like Respondent. You can always check how long a survey is expected to take and determine whether it is worthwhile for you.

FusionCash has a fantastic feature Where you may earn a disqualification bonus for specific surveys. This implies that if you don’t qualify for the survey, you’ll earn a $0.01 bonus.

It’s not a large bonus, but it’s comforting to know that even if you don’t qualify, you’ll get something.

FusionCash provides a nice selection of surveys to choose from. You shouldn’t expect to qualify for all of them, and some of them don’t pay much in comparison to the amount of time invested.

However, with a little patience and a focus on the highest-paying surveys, there are still some viable possibilities.

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2. Get paid to click

Even though FusionCash is known as a GPT site, it has a PTC (pay-to-click) offer for its member to optimize their earning opportunities on the platform.

It differs from the majority of other sites’ PTC choices. Typically, you get compensated for clicking a single ad or visiting a single website.

On FusionCash, you must browse four different categories and click an ad in each of them to go to the advertiser’s website. You will have to spend a total of 2.5 minutes on the external websites before you get paid your $0.15 reward.

It’s not a particularly large payout, but for a PTC choice, it’s actually rather excellent, as most are considerably lower.

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3. Paid offers

Another earning option you will see on FusionCash are paid offers.

The paid offers on this website are not as easy to navigate as they are on many other GPT sites, but the platform does seem to have some good offers if you take the time to browse.

These deals are usually found in the “earn money” section. You may choose from a variety of alternatives by clicking on the various tabs; often, the individual tabs include different offers.

It might include offers to join up for free trials, paid memberships, and other types of incentives.

Some offerings are definitely worthwhile, while others are clearly not. So, before accepting any offer, make sure to read all the terms and conditions, so you know what to anticipate.

In the “earn cash” area, you can also get some rewards by viewing some videos.

This is a simple way to make more money on the platform, but the incentives are really small. To earn $0.01, you will have to watch 10-15 minutes of video.

As a result, it is not the quickest option to make money on FusionCash. It can be enjoyable, but there are, in my opinion, better choices than videos if you want to make as much money as possible.

4. Referral Program

You may earn money by inviting your friends to FusionCash.

You’ll earn $1 after they confirm their email. You receive $2 when they complete a paid to join-up offer and $5 when they payout.

This may appear to be extremely simple money, and it may be a good method to supplement your income.

The only condition is to invite people that you truly believe are going to be interested in FusionCash. There’s no point running after those that may not be interested to join the platform.

Also, be careful not to spam your friends or any forum you’re planning to paste your unique link.

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5. Figure Eight tasks

FusionCash has a section called “Figure Eight” with activities for you to do and get paid.

This might be a good method to supplement your income. The payouts will be minimal at first, but with time and perseverance, you will be able to progress to better-paying assignments.

Many other GPT sites also have these assignments available. Personally, I believe that ySense is the finest platform for doing these activities because it offers some fantastic added benefits.

However, if you enjoy FusionCash in general, the assignments might be a method to supplement your income.

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6. FusionCash Bonuses

FusionCash has a variety of bonus offers and opportunities to make extra money.

One of them, for example, is that after you confirm your email, you will receive a $5 welcome bonus. Of course, this is only a one-time bonus.

There are even additional possibilities for continuing bonuses. Posting on the FusionCash forum, for example, may earn you $3 per month.

However, you should know this requires time and effort. A minimum of 30 posts per month is required for this bonus.

It should be posts that provide value, assistance, insight, generate discussion, make people laugh, or something along those lines. Short posts aren’t going to cut it.


  • Free to join
  • Offers good payout options
  • Gives a $5 joining bonus
  • Pays out with PayPal (without fees)
  • Has several ways to earn


  • Slow payout process
  • Not as user-friendly as many other sites
  • Not optimized for mobile use

FusionCash Alternatives

There are many other services like FusionCash that lets you take surveys and perform various research tasks in order to make money in your spare time. These sites include:

FusionCash Review – FAQs

Is FusionCash really worth your time?

Yes. FusionCash offers legitimate opportunities that can help you make money without leaving the comfort of your home and more importantly without dealing with any scams. This is a very real business that rewards all members for their time and effort.

What if I need help?

If you at some time should require help on FusionCash, you have two alternatives. You can either search the forum for an answer, or you can create a support ticket.

Getting an answer on the forum is, of course, the fastest method, so I would suggest trying this first. You can submit a support ticket if there is no answer there.

Is FusionCash mobile friendly?

FusionCash may be used on a mobile device, however, it does not provide the greatest experience.

If you are more convenient participating in GPT site offers on phone, you may want to opt for sites like American Consumer Opinion or PointClub.

In my opinion, the ability to utilize a GPT site on a mobile or tablet device is critical. This will allow you to earn whenever it is convenient for you and when you have some spare time – even while you are on the road.

Are there any risks?

No risk at all. Your account is guaranteed to be free.

FusionCash Review Conclusion

Overall, as seen in the FusionCash review, the survey site might be a good way to supplement your income. It is not the finest GPT site in my opinion, but it does have some decent earning options, and with a little patience, it may be a good supplementary source of income.

If you reside in Canada or United States, you should give it a try. However, remember you will have to be patient when is time to withdraw your money.

In case you are looking for a better alternative with a fast payment process, PrizeRebel is the perfect survey site you should check out.

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Ready To Join?

FusionCash registration is a breeze. You only need to click the link below to be taken to the sign-up page. After you sign up, you must remember to confirm your email address before you can begin earning.

You’ll also earn a $5 welcome bonus as soon as you verify your email.