AppNana Review: Can You Make Money With AppNana?

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Do not download the AppNana app until you read this AppNana review.

Are you looking for ways through which you can make money from your smartphone? Nowadays, it is possible to make money from scrolling your phone with the help of many apps. One of such apps is AppNana.

You must have come across several adverts created by AppNana where they are asking you to download the app so that you can get free gift cards.

In as much as the process involved is easy, you may have some questions on your mind. Questions like:

  • “Is AppNana another scam?”
  • “Can I make money from AppNana?”
  • “Who is AppNana meant for?”

If you’re looking for answers to those questions, you are in the right place. In this detailed AppNana review, I am going to shed light on all you need to know about AppNana. At the end of this AppNana review, I would have cleared your doubt and you will know if it is a scam or not.

AppNana is a mobile app that allows you to earn gift cards by carrying out some simple tasks. The idea behind AppNana is that you will earn points for accomplishing some tasks. You can then exchange the points earned for gift cards.

You need at least 30,000 Nanas (i.e. 30,000 points) to earn a $1 Amazon gift card. It is important to note that you cannot earn cash with the AppNana app.

Quick Review

What makes AppNana shine?

  • Low minimum payout threshold
  • Available worldwide
  • Payment through PayPal
  • Limited earning potential
  • Mobile-only platform

Detailed Guide

How to Start Earning Points on AppNana

If you want to start earning points on AppNana, all you need to do is to become a member by registering. You can do so on their website at or via the mobile app, referred to as NanaWeb. The mobile app is available for both iOS and Android.

It is easy to become a member. Simply input your email address and password and you’re set to start earning points from AppNana. Also, you don’t have to worry about paying since it is free to join the platform.

Once you become a member, you will automatically receive 10,000 Nana credits and you can start earning more points by downloading apps.

Once you have earned enough points, you can exchange them for rewards like gift cards, cash cards, points for PlayStation games and Xbox, and cash.

You can also use your points to buy paid apps in Google Play or App Store. AppNana will send your redeemed reward through your email within 2 days.

How to Use Nana Points

As stated earlier, you can use your Nana points in different ways. Listed below are ways through which you can use your Nana points:

  • Amazon Gift Cards
  • iTunes Gift Cards
  • Google Play
  • Xbox Gift Cards
  • Paypal Cards

Apart from earning Nana points through downloading apps, you can also earn points by watching videos.

However, there may not be lots of videos to watch; therefore, you can refer people to earn points.

The AppNana referral system rewards you through its affiliate program.

Here’s how it works…

You need to refer your friend or loved one to the AppNana app. Once your friend signs up and starts earning points, AppNana will compensate you by rewarding you with points.

When you refer someone to register on AppNana, both you and that person will earn 2,500 points.

Although it’s a decent amount, however, you cannot compare it to other affiliate programs.

If you want to participate in AppNana’s referral program, you will need to give out a unique code that AppNana gave you. Your friend needs to use this code to sign up so that both of you can be rewarded.

This referral and reward system is a win-win for all the parties involved. Your friend will earn points, you will earn more points, and the AppNana team will get exposure and more users for their company.

Who is AppNana For?

AppNana is specifically designed for two groups of people; people looking for opportunities to make money online and app developers or ad networks that are looking for more users.

This is a great opportunity for app developers to get more users for their apps. It is also an awesome way for them to test their apps and get more exposure for their brands.

Developers have the assurance that there will be people downloading and testing their apps as long as AppNana rewards its members for downloading and using apps.

AppNana is also a great opportunity for those that want to earn money or gift cards. With AppNana, you can earn gift cards without paying for anything. Also, you don’t need to do any difficult tasks to get rewarded.

AppNana will reward users with the corresponding Nana credits for downloading and using the apps in AppNana. The credits earned depend on the nature of the task that you accomplish.

All you need to do is to register, either on the website or in the mobile app.

How Much Money Can You Make As An AppNana Member?

I need to be frank with you; you won’t be filthy rich with this app.

I doubt if you will make any decent amount from this app, and I will show you why.

Based on facts gotten from some reviews, you need about 45,000 Nanas to get approximately $2. You may see this as a fair deal since you can earn more than 1,000 points from installing apps and playing games.

However, you will need to play those games for a specific amount of time. This will consume your time. Although you will love playing the games if you are a game lover, my point is that earning Nana points is not ideal as a money-making opportunity.

When Will AppNana Pay You For Using AppNana?

You will have to wait for some days for AppNana to process your payment. When you compare the processing time to other apps (where you will have to wait for two or more weeks), AppNana’s payment processing time is faster.

You will also need to exercise some patience when you are exchanging your points to gift cards. Your redeemed gift cards will be sent to your email within 48 hours.


  • It is a legit way to earn gift cards.
  • AppNana has a user-friendly interface.
  • Users can join and use AppNana for free.
  • Its referral program gives another opportunity to earn more points.
  • There are many ways through which you can use your Nana credits.
  • It is a great way to have fun while earning gift cards.


  • The earning potential is very low. Thus, it is not an ideal way to earn serious money. 
  • There are some complaints about users not getting paid.
  • It is difficult to earn lots of points.
  • The platform does not have many apps or videos.
  • The minimum cash out is high.


Is AppNana a Scam?

I know this is the most important question on your mind.

The answer is NO.

AppNana is not a scam. If you check Google Play Store and Apple App Store, AppNana has a high rating for being legit.

AppNana pays users for downloading and referring new users to the program. However, there are some complaints about the platform; complaints such as buggy apps and low rewards. Some users even complain about not receiving any rewards at all.

How Much Do I Need To Join?

It is free to join AppNana. However, you should not expect much from this program. I will advise you to see it as a form of entertainment and not as an opportunity to make huge bucks. You are only wasting your time if you believe you can become rich with this program.

Final Verdict

AppNana creates a fun way to earn points that you can exchange for rewards. As revealed in this AppNana review, the earning potential is too low.

Thus, AppNana is not ideal for anyone that wants to make a serious amount of money online. You can, however, use it for entertainment purposes.

If you value your time, then you may not find AppNana useful. Although the program is legit, you will need to sacrifice a specific amount of time to make a reasonable amount of money.

Look for a better alternative that you can use to make money online and invest your effort and time in it rather than on an app that will give you peanuts for your time.

Ready To Join?

If AppNana sounds like a good fit for you, you can join easily by clicking the button below.