Project Payday Review – Legit or Scam? (Honest Review)

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Making money from survey sites is cool, as all you need to do is sign up and let your personal information match you to surveys to start earning – of course, who doesn’t love some extra bucks?

The surprise (or could it be good news?) that I have for you is that Project Payday is quite different from the traditional survey site that you know. For most survey sites, you get paid to respond to surveys and let your favorite brands know what you think about their products/services. Project Payday does the same thing in a slightly different way.

Project Payday is more like an organized online market, where people are paid commissions to advertise the product and services offered by companies. How simpler can we explain this? A company would present tasks or surveys (in form of adverts) to be completed by people who have signed up on Payday to complete surveys, after which they get paid in form of commissions. Do you understand this better?  In doing this, they use different methods:

  1. Complete the Cost Per Action (CPA) Offers.
  2. Become an affiliate promoter, and refer people to complete the CPA offers.

Before starting out with CPA, you will be trained in 4 segments, this training will make you buckle up for the tasks ahead because it’s actually not an easy one. You’d have to find suitable clients to make consumers. Even if you decide to avoid the first (a) above to go for (b), there are still conditions, and these conditions include filling a CPA offer by yourself, even trying to convince two people to join.

You get to be paid in commissions for each lead you convert into a buy.

Please note that Project Payday is different from Project Payday Research- let’s say that the latter is just a subsidiary of the former. For later, you get paid to give your opinions on surveys, invite referrals to join the survey site, and sign up for free trial offers.


What You Need To Know About Project Payday

It is known that the site was founded by Monika John in 2006- that’s quite an assurance that they’ve been around for long BUT almost very little to nothing is known about the man who supposedly founded the platform. Better Business Bureau (BBB) gave Payday an A ranking- that’s another assurance. The physical location given for Payday is said to be in Denver, Colorado; this also matches the address given when you visit their website.

Project Payday is an online marketing site companies use to advertise their product and pay commissions to the people who carry out their assigned tasks while doing this. Project Payday Research is just a survey site that people join for free and get paid to share their opinions. For the purpose of this review, both will be reviewed simultaneously.  

Note that:

As at the time of this review, Project Payday and Project Payday Research were closed (taken down). That is why if you google, you’ll find yourself on the ClearVoice Surveys site – yeah, that’s their new name now.

How Does Project Payday/Project Payday Research Work?

On Project Payday, you start by signing up! Use the “Join now” button on the main website.

After that, the following processes succeed signing up:

  • You’ll be given the option of either completing trials or paying approximately $35.00.
  • You’d be trained, listed in the referral program, and subsequently given a product.
  • When you’re done, there’d be a green signal on the website – signifying that your cash is ready, and you can withdraw, ship product to the end-user, and get your net profit.

Note that it is not assured that you will always earn well on the site. While you stand chances of earning $30- $50 in some offers, a majority would yield low profit.

For Payday Research:

  • Sign up
  • Answer every question you’re shown- it helps them determine what demographic to fit you in. Note that there’s no pay for answering these questions.
  • Participate in polls just for the fun of it. Engage with other members by participating in polls created by them or let others engage with you by participating in the polls you create. There’s no pay for this.
  • Connect with your Facebook account – notifications for surveys shown easily, log in made easy!
  • You can only be paid for inviting 10 people.


Once you have gotten a referral to get a product, you’d be paid your due reward on Project Payday. You can get your net profit after shipping the product to the end-user.

On Project Payday Research, you can only request payment once you have earned up to $10, getting up to that is quite difficult, considering how much you earn on each survey. The payment method is dependent on where you live too.


Project Payday

  • It brings businesses in direct contact with their promoters. While the businesses get to advertise their products, promoters perform their tasks and get paid.
  • Promoters (of the businesses) are promised to be allowed a work from home kind of job.

Project Payday Research

  • It is free to join.
  • The minimum payout required is low and feasible.


Project Payday

  • Joining is a long process. You pay $35.00 then get trained.
  • The process of generating leads to the point of getting a buy is time-consuming.
  • Rewards may not equal the stress involved.
  • Your personal information can be used by this site for profit- not a good one.
  • In the process of promotion, you may need to contact suppliers and those calls may be bothersome, especially as they may not even know about the PPD program.

Project Payday Research

  • Not many survey opportunities exist.
  • Poor reward options.
  • Quite not considerable of its users (not user-friendly).

Frequently Asked Questions

How I join Project Payday/ Project Payday Research?

Sign up on the website online. Answer required questions or complete offers as the case may be.

Can I pay people to sign up via my referral link?

NO! If you do go against this, you’d be doing unpaid work.

How and when do I get paid?

For commission, payments are made every Friday for the earnings of the previous week.


Project Payday and Project Payday Research are legit sites to work with, but as of now, both have been closed down and are no longer available. Instead, you’d be directed to

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