TalkToMcAlisters: Talk to McAlister’s & Get Free Cookie or $2 Coupon

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Are you a McAlister’s customer? If so, the restaurant would like to invite you to participate in the TalktoMcAlisters Customer Feedback Survey. After completing the survey, you will receive a free cookie or a $2 off coupon as a “thank you” for your time and feedback.

But how do you participate in the survey?

In this complete guide, I will show you how the survey works, how you can participate, and get your reward on your next visit to McAlister’s Deli.

Quick Review

Why should you participate in the TalktoMcAlisters?

  • It is completely free to join
  • Extremely easy registration
  • No disqualification from surveys
  • No payout threshold
  • Receipt is valid for 7 days
  • Validation code expires after 30 days
  • Question are simple and short
  • Available for U.S. residents
  • $2 coupon or free cookie
  • Multiple entry per person
  • One entry per receipt
  • Site is mobile friendly

Detailed Review

Here’s everything you need to know about TalktoMcAlisters.

About McAlister’s Deli

McAlister’s Deli is a sandwich restaurant that was started to serve food that tasted better and healthier than what most fast-food restaurants offer. The McAlister’s Deli menu is designed around fresh ingredients and made-to-order service.

It offers a complete line of sandwiches, entrees, salads, soups, and an extensive soup and salad bar with different appealing homemade dressings.

Classic Southern hospitality is a hallmark of McAlister’s. Since 1989, it has been serving up sandwiches with a bit of soul that will leave you feeling satisfied for hours.

Whether it be a New Orleans-inspired muffuletta, a Carolina-style pulled pork sandwich, or our namesake McAlister’s Famous Sandwiches, They have something for everyone.

You don’t want just any sandwich. You want the best ingredients around. They don’t just pile them on—McAlister layers them in, for a sandwich that’s stuffed with flavor. That’s what makes their sandwiches taste so good.

What is TalktoMcAlisters & How Does it Work?

The TalktoMcAkisters Survey is an online guest/customer feedback survey created by McAlister’s Deli Restaurant to gauge consumer satisfaction with the foods and services provided to customers at their various outlets.

Many companies conduct customer feedback surveys to get an idea of how their customers feel about one thing or another. And like most businesses, McAlisters is no different. They conduct customer feedback surveys to get a “general” idea of the reaction they get from their patrons.

While these surveys never work for specific instances (for example one person disliking beans on his/her salad), it gives them a general reaction to use in determining overall improvements.

As part of the process, data will be collected including information about what you thought of your experience with McAlisters. This survey is completely voluntary keeping in line with the privacy laws that are put into place.

It will take less than 5 minutes of your time to participate in this quick survey that will help McAlisters improve the quality of their services and products for an even better future ahead.

In return for your time and honest feedback, you will get a free cookie or $2 off coupon next time you visit the restaurant. What you get is dependent on what offer is printed on your receipt.

As with other customer feedback surveys conducted by restaurants, you will need a valid McAlister’s receipt. Without a receipt, you cannot access the survey.

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Who Can Take the TalktoMcAlisters?

Before you can take the McAlister’s Deli Survey, you must be a legal resident of the United States of America. So, If you are not living in the U.S, you may want to check out these reliable international survey sites ready to pay for your opinion.

In addition to that, the survey requires you’re at least 18 years of age or older to participate. So if you’re not up to 18 years old, this survey is not for you.

However, there are similar surveys you can take that allows U.S. residents not up to 18 years old to take their surveys. Chipotle Feedback, for example, allows you to take its customer feedback survey if you’re at least 13 years old.

McAlister’s Survey is only conducted in the English language. Therefore you need to have a basic understanding of the English language.

Since the survey is online, you will need a good computer, smartphone, or table with a strong internet connection to take the survey.

Lastly, as mentioned earlier, without a valid receipt not older than 7 days, you can’t access the survey.

If you meet all McAlister’s survey requirements, I recommend you check out other customer feedback surveys here. Many of them offer rewards like free food, cash prizes, gift cards, and amazing discounts.

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Can You Make Money on TalktoMcAlisters Survey?

No, there’s no money to earn taking the TalktoMcAlisters Survey.

This is not one of the online surveys where you get paid or enter a sweepstake, therefore there’s no money to get as a reward. But you can still enjoy the privilege of having a say in decisions that will increase the quality of the restaurant’s food and services.

Generally, if you’re not new to restaurant customer feedback surveys, you will know the majority of them do not have money to give their survey takers. They often reward you with free food or a percentage (%) off your next order.

Surveys are the best way to earn a bit of extra cash regularly. And if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make money online, taking surveys is a way to go. However, you must know there are particular types of online surveys that pay.

To make money, you will want to sign up with paid survey panels like InboxPounds, Opinion Outpost, Survey Junkie, PrizeRebel, and among many others. These survey sites offer you daily opportunities to make money online.

Even though you won’t get rich from paid surveys, this is a great way to earn a few hundred dollars in your spare time. And as far as online jobs go, it’s pretty much as legitimate as they come.

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How Does TalktoMcAlisters Reward its Participants?

One thing I like about McAlister’s survey reward is the fact that you get your reward as soon you complete the survey. Unlike some customer feedback surveys that reward you with an entry into their sweepstakes, you might never win.

TalktoMcAlisters rewards its participants by giving them a validation or coupon code after completing the survey. With your code, depending on the offer printed on your receipt, you get to enjoy a free cookie or $2 off your next order at McAlister’s Deli Restaurant.

However, that some surveys offer you sweepstakes entry doesn’t mean they’re not worth taking. Some of them offer huge prizes in their sweepstakes.

For example, with Pizza Hut, you stand a chance to win a $1,000 gift card while Walgreens Sweepstake prize is a $3,000 cheque.

Imagine winning one of these prizes for taking a less than 5 minutes survey.

Therefore, I will advise you to take any of the available customer feedback surveys. Click here to see them and the reward you will get for taking them.

In addition to these surveys, you should also sign up with some GPT Sites that offer daily survey opportunities and other interesting paid offers. You can make money testing products, participating in focus groups, playing online games, reviewing movies TV shows among many other tasks.

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How Can You Participate in the TalktoMcAlisters Survey?

To participate in the TalktoMcAlisters Survey, you must have a receipt with the survey invitation code. Any receipt older than 7 days can not be used to access the survey.

If you do not have a receipt yet, you will have to visit any of the McAlister’s Deli restaurants in your area to make a purchase. It does not matter the type, price, or quantity of the food you buy. The objective is to obtain a receipt.

By visiting the McAlister’s Survey official page here at, you can get started.

Talktomcalisters Survey

As seen in the image above, you will need to enter the transaction ID printed on your receipt. This is the only information you need to access the survey.

McAlister’s Deli will not ask for any of your personal information. Therefore, you have nothing to fear about your privacy. In addition, all responses are recorded anonymously since no information is collected about the participant.

However, you must give only candid feedback on your last dining experience at the restaurant. Whether it was a good or bad experience, McAlister’s Deli wants to hear about it.

After completing the survey, you will receive your validation code. I will advise you to immediately write it on the receipt.

Next time you visit the restaurant, simply show your receipt to one of the staff to claim your reward.

As stated earlier, the reward you will get is on your receipt. So make sure you check the receipt very well to avoid unpleasant surprises. In most cases, you will either get a free cookie or $2 off your next order.

Can I Participate in the Survey More than Once?

You can take the survey as many times as you want. However, McAlister’s only allows one receipt per entry. In other words, you can only use a receipt once, to access the survey. Therefore, you will need a new receipt each time you want to participate in the receipt.

Also, it is one reward per person per visit. You can not exchange or substitute your reward for something else. And you must redeem your validation code within 30 days.

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  • Completely free to join
  • Easy to register
  • $2 off coupon or free cookie
  • No disqualification from survey
  • No payout threshold
  • Site is mobile-friendly


  • Offer only survey opportunity
  • No cash prize
  • Available one for the U.S. residents
  • Purchase is mandatory to participate

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Talktoihop Alternatives

There are many other customer satisfaction surveys like TalktoMcAlisters that lets you take surveys to earn amazing rewards in your spare time. These sites include:


What info should I have ready before I take a survey?

The only information you need is the transaction ID printed on your receipt. However, don’t forget your receipt must not be older than 7 days.

How will my participation affect me?

By giving your feedback regarding your last experience at the restaurant, you can expect to have a better experience next time you visit. All the feedback gathered will be used by McAlister’s Deli to improve its offering quality and customer service.

Is there any particular time period to the survey?

There’s no particular time stated by McAlister’s Deli for anyone interested in taking the survey. However, I will advise you to take the survey as soon as possible. The offer is only available for a limited period.


In conclusion, if you’re eligible, the TalktoMcAlisters Customer Feedback Survey is one of the very few customer surveys worth taking. At least if not for the reward, do it for you and the other thousands of customers eating at the restaurant every day.

Your feedback will go a long helping McAlister’s Deli improve their overall customer experience. This is a chance to share any unpleasant experience you might have had with the restaurant.

Finally, in addition to the McAlisters survey, you should participate in ValueVillageListens to get $2 off your next $5 purchase from the store.

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I hope you found this guide helpful. Thanks for reading.

Ready to Participate in the TalktoMcAlisters Survey?

Click the button below to get started. Don’t forget you only have 7 days to take the survey before your receipt expires.