Are Paid Surveys Scams? The Dangers Of Online Surveys

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Paid surveys have been a way to make money online. While some people do indeed succeed in making money with this method, not everyone does.

With the promise of earning extra money with online paid surveys, it’s no wonder so many people are interested in doing them.

In this article, you will learn if paid surveys are real opportunities or scams and you will be given tips on how to tell the difference.

What are paid surveys?

Paid surveys, or online surveys as they are also called, are questionnaires given to an internet user who completes the surveys in exchange for money. Paid surveys can be done by a user at any time and from the convenience of your own home. 

They will ask you a series of questions regarding different topics such as television programs, movies, cars, or mobile phones. You must decide on what to answer based on the information available at that moment. 

But remember that you can stop answering any question whenever you want and try not to give any personal information when filling out the questionnaire.

Do survey websites really pay?

They absolutely do! Thousands of companies large and small need the information that you can provide by taking surveys. There are legitimate survey sites that will pay you for your opinion, especially if you qualify to participate in research projects.

You need to invest your time and effort into online surveys if you want to make the big bucks.

How can I avoid paid survey scams

Survey scam is not a new thing, but they have become increasingly prevalent. One of the main reasons people fall victim to these scams is because they did not know how to avoid them. So if you’re interested in making money from surveys, it’s super important to understand what survey scams look like.

Avoid sites who ask for membership fees

You must avoid any survey site that requires you to pay a fee or buy something. Try to also be skeptical at all times if you are instructed to keep the survey a secret. You could also be told that your participation will make you eligible for a prize.

Don’t pay to access lists of paid survey sites

Don’t even think about paying money for lists of survey sites. These are usually scams that simply resell leads they purchase from low-quality sources like forums or user review sites. Instead, you stick to real survey sites that include all the best panels and provide regular invites directly to members.

Look for disclaimers and privacy statements

The privacy policy will disclose how your information may be used and what choices you have regarding the way your information is used.

A clear privacy policy and contact information make it much more likely that you are dealing with a legitimate survey company. Potential scammers don’t want to attract your suspicion by offering a company address, a working phone number, or an email address for you to write to.

Beware of websites that defends itself continuously as “not scam”

When a website defends itself repeatedly as not a scam, you need to run from them because they are.

Search for the company in and

Be careful and avoid scams when doing surveys online. Browse through websites like and to see if the website you are trying to work at has been flagged as a scam.

When the survey promises huge amount of money

Think about the survey you are taking. Is it too good to be true? Are you being offered a tremendous amount of money just for answering some questions? If yes, then stay away from such survey platforms. 

There is no company name

Whenever you are planning to participate in a survey project, ensure that you have thoroughly checked out the survey provider. Visit their website, and see if their company name is present. Also, look for any reviews from their users about their experience with the company.

When the survey asks for personal information

One of the first red flags of a scam survey is that it asks for personal information. The best surveys out there ask only for demographic information such as your age range, annual income, education level, etc. 

Be wary if you’re filling out a survey and the first thing it asks you for is your full name, phone number, mailing address, or any other information that could link back to you specifically.

You should never share personal information like your bank or credit card details with any online portal.

What paid survey sites are legitimate?

There are now so many survey websites on the internet, which makes it difficult to find out which ones actually do pay. However, there are some tips that can be used to make sure you are looking at paying survey websites when you begin your search for one in particular.

Here are some paid survey sites to check out:

How do you get paid for taking surveys?

Gift cards or discounts

Participate in paid surveys anywhere to earn free gift cards and discounts. All you have to do is provide feedback, opinions, and recommendations for money or other rewards. It’s a quick, simple way to get rewarded for things you do online already, like shopping, reading, watching videos, and more.

Rewards or points

By answering a questionnaire, you’ll get points. You can request payment after finishing one or more surveys. Your reward will be sent to you instantly via PayPal or be transferred into an Amazon account.


Survey companies often pay in cash, which is sent via check or money order (some also offer gift cards). This kind of payout is the most common because it’s generally considered the safest (and most anonymous) form of payment.

Sweepstakes entries

Several survey sites will offer sweepstakes entries as an incentive for taking their surveys. These sweepstakes range from $500 to $5,000 for spending an hour trying out cars, reading online content, and so on. 

You may see the sweepstakes as a way to get something for nothing but remember that you are still entering your opinion into an online database. Many companies use to access to these databases when getting feedback from their customers so they can better their products and services.


Will I be paid after every survey I take?

Subject to qualification, most panelists are paid every week for completed surveys. This pay period is a rolling cycle based on the time each survey was taken and is based on a Monday-to-Sunday cycle regardless of the day of survey completion. Fieldwork survey typically takes 5 – 6 calendar days before payment is processed.

How exactly does a survey site earn money?

Survey sites earn by selling their survey data to other companies. The companies who buy this data want to know how their product is being perceived by the general public. They may also want to know if the product is correctly stated by the company giving the product out. 

What do I need before I start taking surveys?

You’ll need a valid email address and an established internet connection in order to take surveys. Registering with a survey site is also important. Please take into account that those who participate in online surveys are required to register with the site or panel provider before they can participate in surveys. 

The information required may include name, age, gender, occupation, education level, income level, etc…

How long do online surveys take to complete?

When you complete an online survey, it is typically a fairly short task to complete. They usually take 5-10 minutes, depending on the length of the survey and the questions asked. 

Are paid survey sites worth my time?

In short, paid survey sites are worth your time if you have extra time on your hands. But while a few paid survey sites do pay out cash, many of them only reward you with products or gift cards, which might not be worth your time if you need the money.


Not everyone is going to get rich taking paid surveys online. However, there are thousands upon thousands of people that will make at least a little bit of money without having to spend any of their own money. There is plenty of opportunities available for everyone and anyone that wants it. 

In fact, if you don’t take advantage of the opportunities provided to you by paid surveys, someone else will be very happy to do so instead.