How to Get Paid on Twitch: Here’s the Guide You Need

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Twitch is known as the world’s leading video platform and community for gamers. But today, it is so much more than that. Twitch is an even better place to get paid and build your brand.

Are you interested in streaming on Twitch but unable to figure out how to get paid? You’re also not alone. Hopefully, this post will clarify how streaming on Twitch works so you can start earning money for your skills.

Getting paid on Twitch is easy if you know what you are doing. And I’m here to make sure you do. Whether you’re breaking down at school (or work) and need some new funds, or you’re hoping to make something big out of your streaming passion – this guide can help.

Quick Review

  • What is Twitch?
  • Become a Twitch partner
  • Get paid on Twitch with donations
  • Get paid on Twitch with sales of merchandise 
  • Become part of an esports organization 
  • Get paid on Twitch with brand sponsorships
  • Get paid on Twitch through subscriptions
  • Affiliate marketing 

What is Twitch?

How to get paid on Twitch

Twitch is the world’s leading video platform and community for gamers. More than 45 million gamers gather every month on Twitch to broadcast, watch and chat about gaming. Twitch’s video platform is the backbone of both live and on-demand distribution for the entire video game ecosystem. 

This includes game developers, publishers, media outlets, events, user-generated content, and the entire esports scene.

1. Become a Twitch Partner

Partners are Twitch’s highest earners. Users who wish to become partners must apply, unlike Twitch Affiliates, who are automatically invited. The Twitch Partnership Program is purely invitation-based. 

As with affiliates and users by promoting Twitch content, Twitch Partners receive a share of corresponding ad revenues. Partners may also receive endorsements and sponsorships from brands.

It is aimed at the best streamers – real influencers – on the platform. Although no specific criteria have been provided about how Twitch selects its partners, Twitch acknowledges that certain factors influence their choice. Partner requirements are as follows:

  • 25 hours of broadcasts must have been streamed in the past 30 days
  • In the last 30 days, you must have had 12 unique broadcasts
  • 75 viewers on average per broadcast

Twitch Partners also receive access to other tools, such as the Bounty Board and other ways to get paid. 

The Partner Program is more than just numbers, but even if a streamer meets all the requirements, there is more that goes into determining its eligibility. To qualify as a Partner, you simply need to meet those requirements.

2. Get Paid on Twitch With Donations

If you want to spend more time at Twitch entertaining your followers, you can ask them for donations. Bits are a type of mini donation on Twitch, but you need to be an Affiliate or Partner to receive them. 

There is an option to direct people to your donation page. The first step is creating an online payment link through PayPal, Stripe, or some other online payment processor. Once these requests are made, you would give the PayPal or other payment details on your stream. 

Setting a donation goal and showing progress towards it is an option. This gives your fans a reason to support you.

Furthermore, using a third-party website, like Patreon, may make collecting donations easier. Create an account on the Patreon website first. Then, you can link your Twitch profile and social media accounts to your Patreon account.

3. Get Paid on Twitch With Sales of Merchandise 

Twitch streamers can get paid through paid subscriptions and pay-per-view (PPV) donations, as well as with ad revenue/video views. But those aren’t the only ways for a Twitch streamer to make money. 

With the right strategy, Twitch streamers can also make money by selling merchandise like T-shirts, hats, wristbands, etc.

To get started as a Twitch Partner, you need to first create an account and start streaming. Once you’re doing that, you need to build up a following. By providing unique and valuable content to viewers, you can differentiate your channel from others and convince viewers to stick with you.

Setting up an online store and placing a link to it on your Twitch page is the easiest way to sell merchandise on Twitch. Afterward, you can direct your fans to your online store via your feed. It is possible to sell customized “jersey” merchandise from businesses that make short-run apparel.

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4. Become Part of an Esports Organization

Become part of an esports organization. This is perhaps the most obvious (and lucrative) path to success, especially for younger players. Whether you’re looking to play professionally or swoop in as a team owner, there are plenty of opportunities to get started. 

Getting paid on Twitch can be a very complicated process on your own. It is advisable to look for sponsorships from a streaming partner or team before attempting to make money streaming on Twitch.

Esports professionals earn an average of about $50,000 a year. Several of the top esports players earn $1 – $3 million annually. Although you won’t receive this income directly from Twitch, you can get noticed by eSports teams by showing off your talent on stream.

Granted, making a successful living via Twitch is a long shot, but most streamers are also striving to make a living via the site. So, put in your best to get yourself out there. The world is your oyster.

5. Get Paid on Twitch With Brand Sponsorships

It’s important to note that sponsoring is an essential part of getting paid for streaming on Twitch or other social platforms. A company pays a streamer to promote its product. It’s more like being an influencer on Instagram.

Although being a Twitch Affiliate or Partner would help, it isn’t a requirement for landing sponsorship deals. To market their products, companies may start reaching out to streamers after they have built up their followings. Through this arrangement, companies can sponsor streamers and offer them products while they broadcast.

Besides selling gaming hardware, clothes, and musical instruments, you can also promote all kinds of brands to your Twitch audience.

Although brands will often contact streamers about collaborations, you are welcome to pitch brands directly if you wish. Also, consider checking out sponsorship matching services, like PowerSpike and HelloGamers, which enable brands and streamers to work together.

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6. Get Paid on Twitch Through Subscriptions

The Twitch Subscription service provides streamers with a kind of passive income option. It is possible to charge subscribers $US4.99, $9.99, or $24.99 per month to subscribe to your channel. Twitch splits the revenue collected from the streamer 50/50. Nevertheless, a few experienced streamers have managed to secure higher payouts.

A Subscribe button will automatically appear on your page once you sign up as an Affiliate or Partner. To encourage gamers to subscribe to the stream, streamers can set up notifications. There will be a notification pop-up on your screen if anyone has purchased or renewed a subscription for your channel. 

It’s especially popular among Twitch users who love to see themselves on your favorite streamer’s page. One of the best things about subscriptions is that they generate recurring revenue. This is great for stability, as you will always receive this income each month.

7. Get Paid on Twitch Through Affiliate Marketing

The process of collecting money in this way has been around for quite a while, but it still holds true on the internet. Affiliate marketing is the act of sending someone a link to an online shopping site where they can purchase products. You earn a commission if they then buy the product.

You must meet the following criteria to become a Twitch Affiliate:

  • A minimum of 50 followers
  • Totaled 500 minutes over the past 30 days
  • An average of 7 unique broadcasts
  • More than three concurrent viewers, on average

Furthermore, if you’ve got expensive technology you’re in luck, as gaming and streaming usually go hand in hand. It’s simple to tell your viewers about the type of software you use on your PC or to stream media. 

Your viewers will gladly use your link in return for a “thank you.” In addition, placing this link within your panels is the best approach.

Amazon’s “PartnerNet” affiliate program is especially well-known. The program allows you to earn a 5-10% commission when someone buys a product using your link. 

You will have to estimate your commissions and how much your audience actually buys to see if this strategy works for you. Affiliates are one of the first ways to get paid on Twitch without becoming a Twitch Partner, but they are also an effective way to grow your affiliate income.

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Why is Twitch So Lucrative?

As the number of viewers increases every day, companies want to put advertisements on Twitch because they need to promote themselves or their products. Amazon offers a streaming platform, and ads appear before the video.

Twitch shares with you the advertising revenue once you reach affiliate status as a streamer. The basic principle of earning money on Twitch applies to almost every opportunity.

Depending on your goals, you can either advertise products through affiliate links or partnerships with companies. When you recommend a product, you will receive a payment.

Internet marketing is ultimately designed to convince as many people of you as possible. Selling yourself is more powerful than selling a product. As soon as you have a certain number of followers, companies and Twitch are interested in monetizing that. As a result, you obtain cash or products.


When Does Twitch Pay You?

You would receive payment after you learn how to make money on Twitch, 15 days after the end of the month. Furthermore, Twitch requires a $100 minimum for cashouts.

A balance that is not met in a given month will be carried over to the following month until it meets this minimum threshold.

What do I need to get paid as a streamer on Twitch?

Getting paid on Twitch is not that simple. There are a lot of requirements, but the good news is that you can get around them pretty easily if you know what you are getting yourself into. Some of the basic requirements to get paid on Twitch are:

  • Have a live stream
  • Set up the account
  • Set up a way to receive payment
  • Allow donations
  • Sign up for a partnership program
  • Quality equipment – High-speed internet, screen recording apps, and laptops with an adequate processor
  • Active community
  • Consistency

How can you sell customized merchandise on Twitch?

Twitch broadcasters with a large following will be able to sell customized merchandise for extra income. You can do this by creating an online store and then adding a link to it to your Twitch account. 

Your followers can then access your online store by following your Facebook feed. Besides, numerous manufacturers are willing to create custom merchandise for you.

Final Thoughts 

Twitch is a video platform and community for gamers. It allows users to broadcast, watch and chat about gaming with each other. The more you play, the more followers you will gain until they reach ‘fame’ and can build a fortune from donations and sponsorships. It’s easy to see why most gamers want to get paid on Twitch.

You might be wondering if there are other ways to get paid to test or play games after learning about Twitch. You’ll be glad to hear I have something interesting to share with you. There are platforms that people use to get paid for from playing games online, just like Twitch.

For more information, see the article on the best websites for testing games. Or, are you someone who loves just being on the internet? Would you like to get paid for doing stuff you would do normally? Some apps will pay you to carry out certain tasks online and in return you earn money.

If this interests you, then the article on GetPaidTo apps will show you the best apps to download to make money online. In conclusion, Surveystor is a blog that aims to provide solutions to people who are looking to get paid online.

You will find guides on how to take paid surveys online. Furthermore, there are also guides and reviews of GPT sites. In addition, you will find a section dedicated to how to make money online.

Feel free to explore the blog. You are sure to find something that will excite you. Thanks for reading.

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