Kashkick Review: Get Paid for Answering Surveys and Completing Offers

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Have you ever considered making money online? This Kashkick review will show you how you can make money online from one of the legitimate survey sites.

In this Kashkick review, I will show you how you can make money online by completing simple tasks. If you’re interested in making money from Kashkick, then keep reading.

Quick Kashkick Review

Here’s the summary of what this Kashkick review is all about:

Detailed Guide

What is Kashkick?

Kashkick is a Get-Paid-To website that pays users for answering surveys and completing offers. If you are used to get-paid-to sites, then you will understand that they allow users to earn rewards by executing simple tasks.

What makes Kashkick a good platform to earn rewards from is, unlike a survey website, there are lots of earning opportunities that you can work on regularly. To have a better insight into this platform, we will consider how it works and the different ways through which you can earn from the platform.

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How Does Kashkick Work?

Kashkick provides users earning opportunities so that they can earn online. The main source of making money on the platform is completing surveys. The platform uses these surveys to carry out market research for popular brands and get paid for the feedback they generate from users’ opinions.

The site then pays a portion of this commission to users to compensate them for their effort and time. Although completing surveys is the major way of making money on Kashkick, you can also get paid for taking part in different activities.

Here are other means through which you can make money on Kashkick:

1. Complete Your Profile

Just like other survey websites, you need to fill out additional details to ensure that your profile is complete. A complete profile will help you to be matched to relevant surveys. Kashkick pays a $1 bonus for completing your profile.

While completing your profile, Kashkick will ask you questions about the following:

  • Age
  • Education level
  • Ethnicity
  • Income
  • Composition of your household
  • Zipcode

The essence of asking these questions is to match you with surveys that are relevant to your profile and to know more about you before you start answering their surveys.

You can complete your profile within three minutes; so it’s not a difficult task. Ensure the answers you provide to the questions are honest as they will determine your eligibility for subsequent surveys.

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2. Kashkick Surveys

Every user on Kashkick has the likelihood of being matched to surveys due to the huge number of paid surveys that are on the website. The only drawback is that you are required to fill out a preliminary survey. This survey will help the platform to verify that you meet the criteria required by the creators of the surveys.

The preliminary survey is important because it allows Kashkick to ensure that your data is relevant to a particular survey. After the Kashkick system analyzes your profile and discovers that it is relevant and suits the targeted audience, you can complete the survey and get paid.

Lots of surveys are added to the platform every day. As a result, there are several opportunities for you to make money. The platform offers an entire section of its site that is strictly meant for displaying paid surveys.

The page comprises all the survey listings. These listings reveal the amount that you will be paid for completing a particular survey, and the time it will take you to complete such a survey. As a result, you can decide to complete a particular survey since you will have an idea of how much you will earn and how long it will take you to complete the survey.

To get the most from completing Kashkick surveys, ensure you strategically analyze the estimated duration before embarking on a survey. This will help you calculate your expected ROI (return on investment).

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3. Paid Offers

You can also make money from Kashkick through paid offers. Completing offers provided by Kashkick is a smart way to earn money regularly. This is a great way for people to earn money in their spare time.

Paid offers are also great for those that are not interested in completing surveys, which are time-consuming in most cases. There are lots of get-paid-to offers on Kashkick. Also, there is an entire page on Kashkick that is dedicated to displaying the different paid offers.

The amount you will earn from each offer is displayed on the page. You can also scroll through the different options to find the task that you want to work on. Some of the offers include playing games, answering quizzes, and watching videos.

Each of the offers has its unique conditions that you need to read, understand, and complete before you can get paid.

Another option is to subscribe or sign up on some websites. Kashkick will also pay you for this task because they get a commission when you sign up on the websites.

This is a great way to make money online if you have a busy schedule. However, I recommend you also find time to complete Kashkick surveys so that you can earn more money.

4. Referrals

You can also earn from Kashkick by referring your friends and loved ones to sign up on the Kashkick website. You will earn a commission whenever those you refer sign up.

When you sign up, you will be given a unique invitation link. You can share this link with anyone that you want to refer to the site. When anyone signs up using the link, you will earn a 25 percent commission of what the person earns on the site.

For instance, if your referral earns $2, you will be rewarded with $0.5. This may not be a huge amount, but your earnings will increase as you refer more people to the site.

The referral program is a great way to speed up your chance of reaching the minimum threshold.

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What is the Earning Potential on Kashkich?

This Kashkick review would not be complete if I don’t discuss how much you can earn on the platform. The truth is that you can earn between $5 and $50 every month if you use Kashkick casually. If you dedicate more time to completing the different tasks on the site, you can reach $100.

Generally, you cannot rely on paid survey sites to perform consistently in terms of the daily earning potential. Surveys are the main avenue of earning through Kashkick, so your earnings depend largely on the amount of time you dedicate to completing surveys.

The referral program of the site and its offer wall can help you make more money within a short period. However, this is situational. Also, you may not like the products, services, and games that are included in the offers section. So, it’s safe to say that Kashkick is a side hustle just like other survey sites.

Don’t make the mistake of quitting your job just because you want to work on Kashkick. However, the surveys on the site are worth checking out.

Kashkick Payment

Kashkick rewards you with cash, not points. As a result, you will know how much you will earn from completing each of the tasks on the website. Kashkick pays via only one method and that’s PayPal.

You need to earn at least $10 before you can withdraw your earnings on Kashkick.

Kashkick Alternatives

If you love earning from paid survey sites, you will understand how helpful it is to have different websites at your disposal that you can work on to make more money. So, if you need other legitimate paid survey websites like Kashkick, you can check out the following:

  • Survey Junkie: This site pays you through gift cards and cash once you earn $5.
  • Opinion Outpost: The site pays its users for sharing their opinions and they can withdraw via PayPal once they earn $10.
  • Zap Surveys: Users earn $6.25 as a bonus for completing their first surveys.
  • Swagbucks: Swagbucks pays for answering surveys, shopping online, and playing games. You will be paid via PayPal cash and gift cards.

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Just like other paid survey websites, Kashkick has its pros. Highlighted below are the main benefits that you will enjoy from joining the platform.

1. Low Minimum Threshold

You only need to earn at least $10 before you can withdraw your earnings.

2. Payment Through PayPal

Kashkick pays you in cash through PayPal. This payment method is not only reliable but also safe. It can also be easily assessed by users.

3. Hassle-Free Registration

There are only two steps in the registration process. Both steps will take you almost no time to complete.

4. Lots of Surveys are Available

If you want to increase your earnings on Kashkick, then you can work regularly by completing surveys. You will not run out of surveys since there are lots of them on the platform.


Although the site has different benefits that set it apart from other platforms, it also has some downsides which you should consider before joining.

1. Not Accessible Throughout the World

Kashkick cannot be accessed by everyone worldwide. At the moment, the site is only accessible to those living in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.

2. No Registration Bonus

Unlike some survey sites, Kashkick does not reward its users with a sign-up bonus. However, you will earn a $1 bonus when you complete your profile.

3. No FAQ Section

The site does not have an FAQ section where users can go to find answers to their questions.


Is Kashkick legit?

Yes, Kashkick is legit. The site pays its users for completing different tasks. Although it is newer than other survey sites, it has developed a decent reputation among users.

The website partners with survey companies and gets paid some commission whenever a user completes a survey. The commission is then shared with the user that completed the survey. Since Kashkick uses your data, ensure you are comfortable with sharing your data with third parties.

Is Kashkick mobile-friendly?

Yes, Kashkick is mobile-friendly since it has a mobile app that you can easily download on your phone and execute in-app offers and surveys. You don’t need to use a mobile browser to have access to the website. This makes it easier to use on any device while you’re on the go.

Even without the mobile app, you can operate the site without any hassles on your smartphone. The platform has a well-designed interface that works seamlessly for mobile devices. As a result, you don’t need to zoom in whenever completing surveys.

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Is Kashkick available throughout the world?

Unfortunately, Kashkick is not available everywhere. The site is restricted to users living in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, or Australia. Also, Kashkick is restricted to certain age groups; you need to be at least 18 years old before you can register on the site.

Kashkick Review Final Verdict

In this Kashkick review, we have considered what Kashkick is and how you can make money from the platform.

Like most survey sites, Kashkick will not make you rich but it offers an easy channel to make some cash in your spare time. You can be rewarded for doing those things you do on a normal day; things like watching videos and playing mobile games.

If you have some minutes to spare every day, Kashkick can help you make some bucks that you can use to meet urgent needs. It is worth checking out and you have nothing to lose since it is free to use.

If you need other alternatives that you can earn from, you can also sign up for Survey Junkie. This platform is legit and has a low minimum threshold of $5.

Also, Swagbucks is another survey site that you can register on to earn from answering surveys, shopping online, and playing games.

Interested in increasing your earnings from paid survey sites, check out this article on Surveystor to learn how you can do surveys fast. Thanks for reading.