Shopalong Review – Should You Join or Pass?

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I love to shop. It gives me some sort of excitement I can’t describe. Sometimes, I daydream about shopping and getting my money back immediately and then shopping again in an endless loop. Heavenly! This is why I got a love for cashback sites.

Well, let me get back to reality. What if you’re given a set of assignments to shop and review familiar products you use regularly. Sounds good, isn’t it? This is what Shopalong is all about.

The site promises to pay you some cash when you can carry out some shopping assignments. These assignments are not difficult – quite as easy as they can be and you get paid, simple.

However, there are many scam sites online and you never can tell which is legit or scam, especially when it’s shopping-related. I encourage you to hold your horses and make sure you read this review in detail before you make your decision about Shopalong. There are few things you need to know before you trust Shopalong with your time and information.

Shopalong is a mobile community where you can join, participate and complete assignments, and get rewarded for your time.

The website makes a bold claim you can earn $5-$50 if you bring them onboard your next shopping trip. This seems to be a bold claim so let’s find out more.

For a start, Is Shopalong legit? Does the platform live up to its promise?

Join me as we dig deeper into the company and its claims. I will share my findings – how Shopalong app works, potential earnings, benefits, drawbacks, and my final verdict.

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Quick Review

Here is my quick Shopalong review:

PlatformShopalong mobile app
How to earnPaid tasks, referral
Minimum ThresholdNo minimum threshold
Withdrawal MethodsCash via PayPal, Debit, or credit cards

Detailed Review

Shopalong is owned and run by Purchased. Purchased is a marketing research firm that studies consumer behavior, and what influences the shopping decisions and choices that consumers make.

The company provides services such as:

  1. Customer Advisory Program: The company provides detailed analysis and infographics. They aim at providing a better customer experience that can create meaningful impact and value across their client’s organization.
  2. P2P Digital: The company helps their clients to find out what influences their customers to shop for their brand online.
  3. P2P In-store: The company also helps its clients discover touchpoints that drive visits and in-store purchase behaviors. Clients can find out what influences customer behaviors when shopping offline.
  4. P2P Omni-Channel: This is a channel designed by Purchased to give clients a simple view of the omnichannel purchase path.
  5. Non-Purchaser: This innovative non-purchase tracker by Purchased shows you why customers leave your store without buying, and how you can uncover opportunities to maximize customer in-store experience.

Purchased provides customer-centric market-research-based solutions. According to the website, they have worked with some heavyweights like Samsung, Google, Walmart, P&G, Old Navy, Mattel, and so on.

With Shopalong, all it takes is to download their app to get started. Now that we know what Shopalong is all about, how does the platform work?

How Does Shopalong Work?

Visit the Shopalong website. Click the Sign-Up button.

Provide your personal information. You will receive a confirmation email. After that, click on the confirmation link sent to you, and head over to the Google play store or iTunes App store to download the app.

After completing the signup process, Shopalong will notify you by email when there’s a new assignment. Regularly check your email for new assignments and be ready to start earning.

How to Participate:

  • Mobile app: Download from the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store after you sign up on their website.
  • Mobile surveys: Complete shopping assignments sent to you via the app.
  • Diary surveys: Record your shopping experience over a stipulated period of time – usually around 30 days.

What kind of assignments should you expect from Shopalong?

  • Logging in the shopping trips you make for groceries
  • Taking pictures of products
  • Preparing shopping lists
  • Logging what you buy for special events like Mother’s Day, Christmas, Halloween, or other holidays
  • Keeping a digital diary of your shopping activities

For each assignment, you typically go through 3 steps:

  • Qualifying for surveys
  • Responding to surveys
  • Completing assignments

After these three stages, you get paid. But remember you must finish your assignment to get payment.

Other Features of the Shopalong App

The Shopalong app contains other useful features that you can use personally apart from answering surveys and recording your shopping experiences. The app lets you:

  • Track your spending by setting a budget
  • View your shopping report, and compare it with that of other members of the Shopalong community


Payment is in two ways:

  1. Cash via PayPal
  2. Cash via prepaid debit or credit cards

Most Shopalong assignments pay between $5-$50, depending on the length and complexity of the survey.

There’s no minimum balance required before you can request payment.

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  • Assignments on Shopalong are not monotonous and time-consuming. You don’t have to spend or make a purchase before you can participate.
  • Rewards are decent. Some members claim to earn between $20-$25.
  • No minimum balance required to redeem cash. You can request payment at any time.
  • Their customer service is active. They respond to any issues you have. Even on Google, they respond to complaints.


  • Assignments are not available regularly.
  • Assignments can be up to 30 days. You also do not get paid until you complete your assignment.
  • Some members complain they were unable to complete their assignments because the platform failed to provide more tasks. This happens at later stages causing members not to receive payments for time spent.
  • Their website does not have SSL security. This is bad as user information can be intercepted and stolen during form submissions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shopalong?

Shopalong is an online mobile community that pays you for completing shopping assignments.

What assignment does Shopalong pay me to do?

Shopalong assignments include taking pictures, sharing your opinions, taking pictures of your receipts, and preparing shopping lists.

How do I get an assignment on Shopalong?

Once you sign up, you’d have to wait until you get an assignment. You’d be notified by email.

Must I download the app?

You will need to download the app to participate in Shopalong so you can check into stores, upload receipts, so much more.

I haven’t been able to log into the app. Why?

You’d need to qualify for your first assignment before you log into the app.

What happens to the information I share with Shopalong?

Shopalong claims not to sell your personally identifiable information to third parties. You can read their privacy policy to get more information.

Will Shopalong pay if I complete only part of an assignment?

No. Shopalong does not pay for incomplete assignments. You’re only paid when you complete an assignment. If you cannot complete an assignment, reach out to their team.

Does Shopalong allow a person to do more than one assignment at a time?

No. You can only do one assignment at a time.

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Is Shopalong legit?

Yes. Shopalong is legit. They provide different shopping tasks where you can earn some side money. The platform is also mobile which means you can complete your assignments on the go.

Do I recommend Shopalong?

Shopalong requires your commitment for about 30 days to earn from $5 to $50. Anything can happen within 30 days. Besides the fact that assignments are few, the thought of this commitment discourages me from recommending the platform.

In addition, there are members complaining about insufficient tasks to complete assignments. This issue is from the providers and out of members’ control. This means members are not able to get their reward despite their commitment to completing Shopalong assignments.

Personally, I feel there are better ways to make money online. If you’ve got some time on your hands, you can use Shopalong income to consolidate earnings from other popular survey platforms like Survey Junkie and InboxDollars.

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