Vanson Bourne Business Panel Review – How Much Can You Make?

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Vanson Bourne Business Panel is a specialized survey panel for business and IT professionals. The business panel provides an opportunity for savvy professionals to share their opinions and earn some money doing so.

Are you a business or IT professional based in the United Kingdom? Would you like to share your opinion about business and technology while making some money or donating it to some charity? If your answer is yes, this article is for you.

Before I go ahead, it’s important I share some information with you. The basic requirement for joining Vanson Bourne is quite limiting. You have to be a business professional or IT professional residing in the UK to become a member.

If you happen to belong in this demographic, I’m sure your time is very important to you. Wouldn’t it be helpful to know if Vanson Bourne Business Panel is right for you to join? This is why I wrote this article – I’d like to save you some stress.

On the other hand, if you happen not to belong in this narrow demographic but would like to know about other legit ways to make money online, you can check out my other top reviews – InboxDollars and Swagbucks.

In this review, I would provide all the information you need to know about Vanson Bourne Business Panel. I will also shine the spotlight on their benefits, drawbacks, and other necessary information you need to know.

Quick Review

Here is my quick Vanson Bourne Business Panel review:

PlatformVanson Bourne Business Panel
Earning ActivitiesOnline surveys
RequirementsBusiness or IT professional, UK residence
Minimum ThresholdNo minimum threshold
Typical Earnings5 pounds per survey
Withdrawal MethodsAmazon gift card, Charity donation

Detailed Review

Vanson Bourne is one of some specialized survey panels that target professionals in certain fields. This specialized survey panel is only for IT professionals who have decided to network together to achieve a common goal – influence the technology sector.

The Vanson Bourne Business Panel is an online community for Business and IT experts. The UK-based company conducts online market research for technology companies.

Brief History

Vanson Bourne Business Panel is a subsidiary of Vanson Bourne. Vanson Bourne was incorporated in 1999 as an independent and specialist market research company.

The Business Panel was only started in 2004 as a way of expanding the database from which data can be collected. With several years of conducting ethical research, the company continues to deliver results to research participants and partners.

Vanson Bourne Business Panel recruits only professionals in the IT field to carry out market research. The market research targets current technology and business-related topics.

Is Vanson Bourne Business Panel legit?

A quick way to know if a survey panel is legit is to check its contact information on the internet. Bear in mind this is not a surefire way to ascertain if a company is legit. However, a simple check like this has proved over time to be a little effective as the first line of action when scrutinizing survey panels.

Vanson Bourne Business panel is present on LinkedIn and Twitter. As expected, they do not have so many followers, but they do have a presence there and they can be contacted via social media; which is what is more important.

If you’d like Vanson Bourne to do some work for you, their contact information is on their website. You could call them directly from there and you’d be a step away from actionable market research results.

Often times panel members may be asked to provide consent to share their company name or contact information with third parties before participating in a survey. This is optional as you can choose to or not share your information with third parties. Your decision will not affect your eligibility to participate in surveys.

Vanson Bourne asks for your permission because they are ESOMAR regulated. This way, you know that information you share is for research purposes only, and never for third parties.

How It Works

As a panel that accepts only IT professionals, you don’t expect the process to be straightforward, do you? Well, the screening takes place to make sure that only those who have to be there are actually there.

Step 1: Registration and verification

If you’re a business or IT professional, you’d have to register. Vanson Bourne Business Panel performs a rigorous process to verify your information as well as the company you work for.

The registration survey requires you to provide your first name, last name, and email. An invite will be sent to your email. You are required to complete the registration survey by providing your name, address, postcode of the company you work with, and other relevant information.

It’s very much valid if you have reservations about voluntarily releasing sensitive information about you and your employer to a marketing company. However, to become a member you have to provide your personal information and that of your employer for verification purposes.

After registration, it may take up to a week to process your details. Then you can get a confirmation email and then start receiving invitations to partake in surveys.

Step 2: Participate in surveys

When there’s a new survey, you will receive an invite in your email. The invite will disclose how much you’d earn for that survey. Most surveys will pay 10 credits (the currency of the survey panel). After submitting a survey, you’d be able to see your answers.

You will also have access to view the result of the research and how your response stacks with the general opinion formed from the research.

Typical research on Vanson Bourne is designed to get information about the technical processes within your company. Alternatively, the questions are designed to get your opinion on industry trends such as cybersecurity. Surveys are also designed to get insightful information from decision-makers outside the IT field.

If you would like more information on other surveys, simply slide to the “Recent Insights” tab on the website.

Wrapping this up, qualified participants get to participate on this site in three basic ways:

  • Online surveys
  • Business surveys
  • IT surveys

Step 3: Get Paid

What’s the earning potential like?

VB Business Panel is always upfront about how much you will make before you participate in a survey. This will be stated in the invitation email.

The “currency” for this survey site is “Credits”. And one credit equals five British pennies (₤5).

The panel offers 1-20 credits if you successfully complete a survey. Typically, you get 10 credits for successfully completing a survey.

Credits are not paid in cash directly. You can only redeem them for:

  • Amazon gift cards: Amazon remains the #1 gift card survey takers would prefer in the case where cash isn’t paid at all; whether via Paypal or any other means.
  • Donate to charity: Donate your earnings for a good cause to The British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK, and Code Club.


  • The earnings are quite great compared to typical survey panels that pay in cents, not even up to a dollar.
  • The cashout threshold is 10 credits or ₤5. This makes it worth your time as you can cash out instantly.
  • A platform for IT professionals to meet and network.


  • Anyone anywhere can sign up, but only those in the UK may benefit more because of the location barrier.
  • It is limited to business and IT professionals.
  • Cash isn’t an option on this platform. There’s nothing as rewarding as seeing your earnings in your account.
  • Disclosing your employer’s information about their business practice may be quite risky.
  • You’d have to wait a week before you can be approved.
  • Surveys are not regular.

Alternatives to Mturk

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vanson Bourne Business panel?

It is a survey panel where IT professionals can sign up to take paid surveys, and also network to discuss technology-related issues.

Can I sign up if I am not an IT or Business professional?

No. This is a specialized survey panel meant only for those in IT, and that’s so because starting from the registration, you’d be asked to submit information about where you work for verification.

How much do I get paid to take surveys?

Most surveys pay around 10 credits after a survey.

What much is one credit?

A credit is worth 5 British pennies.


Compared to other survey panels, Vanson Bourne Business Panel pays more money to their participants for each survey. In addition to this, the survey panel is legit.

However, there are some big drawbacks associated with the platform. To qualify for membership, you must reside in the UK, be a business or IT professional.

To participate in surveys, you may be required to provide some of your employer’s information.

I don’t see a career-driven business or IT professional partaking in this program for financial gains. If you’re lucky to belong in this narrow demographic and are willing to network and share your opinion, joining Vanson Bourne may be a good idea. The platform is free to join and even if you’re not in it for the money you can donate your rewards to charity.