Executive Opinion Review: Legit or Scam?

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With several scams going on online, joining a relatively obscure platform like Executive Opinion can be a difficult choice to make.

I actually stumbled on the platform while searching for some World Bank data on the internet. After doing some basic profiling, I decided to review the panel on Surveystor.

My first glance at the platform got me quite intrigued. I decided to dig deeper to see if it was a hidden gem I had missed or just some random website with nothing good to offer. This even made me abandon my Google search to do a quick research of the platform. Well, of course, this article is the result of my findings.

Executive Opinion is not your regular survey site. The platform was created for business executives and professionals as the name implies. In this review, you will get just enough information about the survey site to help you make a decision if you’d like to join the platform or not.

Where do we start?

As you know, before I start my reviews, I like to do a brief background check. Let’s see what Executive Opinion is all about – the pros, cons, payment, and verdict.

Executive Opinion is closed.

Quick Review

Here is my quick Executive Opinion review:

PlatformExecutive Opinion
EligibilityBusiness professionals, Worldwide
Earning ActivitiesPaid surveys
Minimum Threshold$50
Withdrawal MethodsCash via check

Detailed Review

Lightspeed Research, a digital marketing research company, owned and operated the Executive Opinion panel. The company is a market research and consulting firm with a focus on local market knowledge that cuts across consumers, B2B, financial, and healthcare business segments. The company deliver results by

  • By asking relevant questions and getting quality responses
  • Connecting consumers to brands
  • Capturing target audience in Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific
  • Creating reports to help clients make informed decisions

LightSpeed Research has worked with several reputable brands, most of which are Fortune 500 companies. Notables examples are Adobe and Colgate.

In a nutshell, Executive Opinion is a LightSpeed Research project targeting business professionals.

The Executive Opinion panel provides members the opportunity to shape products and services in the business world. In addition to this, the platform connects business professionals who want to network.

Another advantage of joining the platform is the opportunity to get updates on upcoming quarters.

Members can join the platform to enjoy these benefits and gather MarketPoints – Executive Opinion’s reward points.

How Does Executive Opinion Work?

Visit the platform and click the “Join” button on the website. The platform is available worldwide to business professionals.

After clicking the join button, it redirects you to the signup page where you fill in your personal and contact information. The form gathers your information and segments your profile into a demographic.

After registering as a member, you will get a free trial of InstantSurvey. The InstantSurvey service allows you to create and collect business interviews from your customers instantly. This Instant Survey tool gets valuable feedback from your customers, test new innovative ideas, and improve your customer satisfaction.


Executive Opinion rewards your participation in online interviews in the form of “Market Points”.

100 MarketPoints is equivalent to $5 USD. The minimum threshold to redeem your MarkePoints is $50.

The platform only offers payment via check which is mailed to the address you provide. This means you have to wait for additional weeks to get paid.

What makes Executive Opinion better?

It is a common practice for survey sites to allow just anyone to sign up, then begin asking questions to determine if their profile fits their surveys. This practice contributes to the high disqualification rate online survey panelists complain about.

Being upfront about what the platform is all about, lowers the disqualification rate. Executive Opinion excels by only accepting survey panelists who qualify for their surveys.

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  • LightSpeed operates Executive Opinion. LightSpeed is a subsidiary of Kantar Group. This implies the platform is legit.
  • The platform is available worldwide.
  • Business professionals have an opportunity to join a community of like minds to influence decisions in business and learn about upcoming trends.
  • The payment option is via cash – the most coveted form of rewards by survey participants.
  • You get to have a chance to influence the decisions of top brands by getting interviewed and giving your opinion on their products.
  • Executive Opinion invitations are only open to business professionals.


  • The platform targets business professionals. This is a narrow demographic.
  • Payment is by check usually mailed to your address. You’d have to wait for some time to get your money.
  • The minimum threshold for payment redemption is quite high. This is unfair considering the low frequency of surveys on the platform.
  • You’ll have to sit at your laptop or PC anytime you want to use the platform. There’s no mobile app for flexibility and mobility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I join Executive Opinion?

The Executive Business survey panel is currently closed and not in operation.

2. Can I join the platform if I’m not a business professional?

The platform is designed for business professionals who want to share their opinions and connect with other business professionals with common interests.

3. Is Executive Opinion legit?

Yes. Executive Opinion business survey panel is owned by LightSpeed Research. Lightspeed Research is a subsidiary of Kantar Group. This means the Executive Opinion panel is legit.

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The platform is legit. There’s no doubt about its legitimacy.

Besides its legitimacy, one major benefit of joining Executive Opinion is its availability to a worldwide audience, unlike other location-restricted business panels.

However, just like other survey panels, Executive Opinions had its drawback while it was in operation. The platform was limited to business professionals.

Another challenge was the high threshold for withdrawal.

And to cap it all, there was a waiting period for payment redemption which could span into several weeks.

In my opinion, the platform seems like it was designed to fail in the first place. The providers put up a lot of bottlenecks for those who want to participate in the program.

Do I recommend it?

While the platform was in operation, it was a legit platform to join. However, it’s not the kind of platform I will recommend even if it happens to be in operation.

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