Voz Latinum Review: Is it Legit?

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Oftentimes, people leave their countries in search of greener pastures. This could be due to terrorism, insecurity, poverty, or other causes. Immigrants often feel the need to still connect with people from home.

In such cases, they seek out communities with people from their hometowns or former communities. This gives them the opportunity to reconnect with their roots and make new acquaintances in their new environment.

Voz Latinum was established to cater to this need. People with Latin and Hispanic heritage who reside in the United States connect on the platform, take surveys, share their opinions and share their views on products and services.

Voz Latinum is a survey panel (more like a community) that caters to the needs of Latin and Hispanic individuals living in the United States.

Additionally, the platform is a community where Latin and Hispanics can come together, share ideas, and voice out their opinion on common topics. In return, members get some rewards for participating.

In this review, I will share with you all the information you need to know about.

Let’s get started.

Voz Latinum is closed.

Quick Review

Here is my quick Voz Latinum review:

  • Legit platform
  • Get $5 for your first survey
  • The minimum threshold is $20
  • Redeem your earnings via Amazon gift cards, Sweepstakes
  • No cash redemption
  • Low earning opportunities
  • Limited surveys

Detailed Review

Voz Latinum is a community made up of individuals who are of Latin and Hispanic descent but living in the United States.

Brief History

This panel is owned by a market research company that seeks to connect its clients to the audience/consumers that they want to target in their market research programs.

The company running the Voz Latinum platform was established in 2009 as Latinum Network Inc. However, just about some years later, they changed and decided to have an umbrella name for Collage group.

Furthermore, Collage Group is a certified minority business enterprise with market research focusing on minorities in the United States. Examples of the market segments include Asians, Black, Hispanic, and LGBTQ.

What services does the Collage group offer? Some of their services include:

  • Consumer research platforms
  • Consumer research data and tools
  • Custom market research
  • Instant insights
  • Ad and brand testing

Alright. Enough of Collage Group. Let’s get back to Voz Latinum.

About Voz Latinum

Since Voz Latinum is made up of Spanish and Hispanic individuals, their website is written in Spanish and English for the purpose of ease of communication. In addition, the platform is designed to foster member interaction.

Can you sign up to Voz Latinum if you’re not Latin or Hispanic?

Yes, you can sign up if you’re neither Latin nor Hispanic. Surveys are so varied and you could even take surveys on big brands like Proctor & Gamble.

However, the greater surveys available are targeted at Latin and Hispanics, so people who are not of Latin or Hispanic descent may not get to enjoy the site as much as those who are of descent.

How It Works

Start by signing up. The registration should take 3-5 minutes. Furthermore, the registration helps you fit into a demographic. This enables the platform to send you targeted surveys. After your first survey, you’d get $5 rewards. Sounds good, ain’t it?

There are two forms of surveys you can take on this platform:

  1. Online surveys
  2. Sweepstakes

Completing surveys on this platform will earn you points. You can convert these points to gift cards or use them to enter sweepstake entries to earn larger rewards.

How do you get paid on Voz Latinum

1,000 points equal $10.00.

The Voz Latinum platform offers a point-based system to rewards redemption. After each successful survey, you earn points in return for your participation.

You’d have to have a minimum of 2,000 points (an equivalent of $20) to be able to redeem your points.

To redeem your points, you can use any of the following means:

  1. Amazon gift cards
  2. Enter into sweepstake entries

If you decide to use your points for sweepstakes entries, one survey could actually get you a $250 gift card. Whereas some surveys outrightly offer entry into sweepstakes instead of offering points.

Do bear in mind, you can’t redeem all your points at once. You can only request to redeem in multiples of 2,000. Say for instance you have 10,000 points, you can only redeem 2,000 points five times. However, I don’t think that’s fair in my opinion.


  • The site provides a community for Latin and Hispanics to interact and communicate.
  • The bonus for your first survey is actually fair. I mean when you consider that other sites pay you way less than that for completing similar surveys.
  • User reviews mention that the payout is quite fast.
  • Getting in is easy, with no unnecessarily long forms and processes.


  • There is a shortage of surveys.
  • Website problems usually make the website experience unsavory.
  • The cash-out threshold being $20 is high – think about the fact that you may not get surveys every now and then; they may just be once-in-a-while stuff.
  • The reward of your time and hard work is narrowed down to just gift cards. For someone like me, who never sees the possibility of earning cash from taking part in a sweepstake, sweepstake entries are not a payment option for me. If I want to participate in a sweepstake, I will go directly to a sweepstake website.
  • Redemption in multiples of 2,000 points is deliberately unfair.
  • Many users complain of issues when they’re trying to redeem their rewards.


What are some alternatives to Voz Latinum?

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I’m a Hispanic, how can I participate in Voz Latinum?

The home page of their main website leads you on signing up when you click the “Join Now” button. Currently, this survey panel closed operations.

2. What’s the Voz Latinum payment process like?

Voz Latinum pays in points. 1000 points equal $10. The payment threshold is 2000 points ($20). You redeem points in multiples of 2000 for gift cards or sweepstake entries.


Voz Latinum is a legit survey site to join. Note that you won’t be getting many surveys from them though. This is one of those websites you join as a second or third option.

I joined the website and even never got a survey for months before they closed down. Consequently, I reached out to two Hispanic acquaintances who had the opportunity to join the platform before they went under. They complained about the apparent shortage of surveys.

What could be the reason? Probably because the site is narrowed down and quite specific or the political storm around immigration after the 2016 election. We may never know.

However, some users had it easy and were able to make up to $25; meeting the payment threshold easily. Even at that, it could feel like too much of a task for some people to be able to meet the threshold to be paid. 

I may have recommended the platform to my Hispanic friends if the platform was still around. Unfortunately, Voz Latinum has ceased operations.

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